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[InetBib] Call for Papers Acquistions and Collection Development WLIC 2013



*World Library and Information Congress 2013*

*Acquisitions and Collection Development Section*


79^th IFLA General Congress and Assembly

*Singapore *

*17-23 August 2013*

Conference Theme:Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities


The Section's 2 hour Open Session is: *Collaboration in Collections: Libraries, Users and Information Providers *


Building and maintaining relevant collections requires innovation in these challenging times as libraries establish a greater digital footprint and explore different channels of scholarly communication and information delivery.Working together with publishers and vendors to find ways to meet the diverse expectations and needs of library users demands new models of communication, programming, organizational infrastructure, reliance on multiple and changing technologies, and accompanying services. This Open Session will emphasize how innovation and collaboration within libraries, among users and with the publishing and provider community will advance the role of collections.

Suggested subthemes, with a focus on innovation and best practices for potential speakers to consider:

·Responding to users' expectations -- how & when

·Role of Open Access

·Impact of eResources -- challenges with acquisitions, licensing, pricing, perpetuity, use

·Cooperative collection development

·Resource relevance

·Relationships with information providers

·Collection assessment

·Selection and de-selection

·Discovery of collections

·Promoting collections

The section invites speakers from all library environments (academic, public, government, school, special) who can address any of these themes in a 15 minute presentation at the WLIC meeting.The goal is to create a diverse program of 4-5 speakers representing libraries from different parts of the world who have different experiences to share. Proposed papers must be original and not have been published elsewhere.It is hoped that all presenters will be able to prepare a formal paper, as well as a PowerPoint presentation, however IFLA realizes that it may be impractical to require that every speaker prepare a formal paper and PowerPoint slides.If that is the case, those speakers must prepare a substantial abstract, including references with URLs and bibliographies to accompany their presentation.All selected papers will have abstracts and links to full papers on the conference website.Presentations can be made in any of the official IFLA languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, but an accompanying translation of all papers into English must be provided.Discussion at the conclusion of the presentations will be highly encouraged.

*Important Dates with which to comply:*

*31 January 2013* -- Deadline for submitting 300 word proposals for papers and presentations, or substantial abstracts of 500 words if no paper will be prepared, plus a very brief biographical statement of speaker(s).Information should include: title of presentation; subthemes that it addresses, abstract, all authors, noting likely presenter; institutional affiliations; contact information, including all eMail addresses

*28 February 2013* -- Announcement of final program and communication with all who submit proposals.IFLA HQ notified of outcome from call.

*1 May 2013* -- Deadline for submission of final paper.Papers should be no more than 3,000 words and papers can be submitted in any of the official IFLA languages: Arabic, Chinese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, but an accompanying translation of all papers into English must be provided.Attempts will be made to provide translations into other official languages.

*30 June 2013* -- Deadline for all PowerPoint presentations from Speakers

*June/July 2013* -- All speakers will be notified of the time of the program.

All proposals will be reviewed by a jury composed of members of the Acquisitions and Collection Development Section.

Please note that unfortunately, there are no funds to assist with your attendance at WLIC 2013.Please also note that in accordance with IFLA's Open Access Statement, all papers that are presented at the WLIC 2013 should be available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

All submissions and any questions should be sent via eMail in a MS Word attachment to Julia Gelfand (jgelfand@xxxxxxx <mailto:jgelfand@xxxxxxx>) by 31 January 2013.The receipt of all submissions will be acknowledged.

Dr. Regine Schmolling
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