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[InetBib] Invitation to the conference in Cracow

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have a great pleasure to invite you to
attend the international scholarly conference „Digital Library of Today and 
Challenges of
Tomorrow"January 24-25, 2013, intended to bring together librarians
and digital library users, as well as scholars, museum workers, and archivists.

Since April 15, 2010, the Jagiellonian
Library has carried out the 3-year project "Jagiellonian Digital
Library", which consists in preserving and archiving the Library’s unique
collections, protecting them from theft and damage, digitalizing deteriorating
valuable assets, and setting up the Jagiellonian Digital Library as a platform
for making the Library’s resources available in a digital form.

The conference, which is meant to promote and
to sum up the project, will centre around three major themes: the original
items, particular those constituting a part of the national heritage
(selection, securing, preservation); digital items (workflow aspects,
formats, quality); metadata (standards, processing).

For more details please see our website:


Kaja Stompór-Lesiecka                                                           

Project Department                                                              

Jagiellonian Library in Krakow


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