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[InetBib] CfP Joint Session of School Library Section and Information Literacy Section at WLIC Singapore 2013

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
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Viele Grüße
Franziska Wein


79^th IFLA General Conference and Council: /Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities/

*Singapore, August 17-23, 2013*



Programme:**School Libraries and Information for Civic Literacies


The IFLA *School Library *and *Information Literacy Sections* are seeking proposals for a joint programme to be held at the IFLA Conference in Singapore in August 2013.

Information literacy covers a broad spectrum of literacies required for success in the 21^st century. Of the multiple literacies encountered, there is the essential challenge of developing literate citizens who are equipped to participate and contribute to the local and broader community. The program will present papers that address this challenge through school libraries and collaborators with school libraries, such as public libraries, university libraries, community entities, government agencies etc.

Papers should address one or both of the two main concepts of civic literacy:

1. Civic Literacy <https://webmail.unt.edu/OWA/redir.aspx?C=G81HvrocSkai4dRquG21md4Itqvdj88IQ5MBHDjs4QObbg1gO3LIdIcMfVqYCcKM7fjaUdAux_s.&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.p21.org%2foverview%2fskills-framework%2f258-civic-literacy>

* Participating effectively in civic life through knowing how to stay informed and understanding governmental processes

* Exercising the rights and obligations of citizenship at local, state, national and global levels

* Understanding the local and global implications of civic decisions

2. _Civic Literacy_

* The knowledge of how to actively participate and initiate change in your community and the greater society.

Papers chosen for presentation should address, but are not limited to:

* definitions, concepts of civic literacy

* the process of the origination of individual civic literacy

* civic literacy in heterogeneous/multicultural environments

* the relationship/interactions between information literacy and civic literacy

* the role of contributors to civic literacy: schools, school libraries, public libraries, university libraries

* the contribution of school libraries to civic literacies

* examples or case studies of efforts to develop civic literacy

* civic literacy exams (sense and nonsense)

Papers can be written and given in any of the official IFLA languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish. *However, abstracts should be submitted in English.*

Proposals for School Libraries and Information for Civic Literacy Papers *must be submitted by **December 31, 2012, *must be in *English and *must include the following:

 1. Title of proposed presentation
 2. Outline/abstract of the proposed paper/presentation (no more than
    300 words)
 3. Name(s) of presenter(s)
 4. Position or title of presenter(s)
 5. Presenter(s) employer or affiliated institution
 6. E-mail address
 7. Telephone/fax numbers
 8. Short biographical statement regarding the presenter/s
 9. Language of presentation

15 minutes will be allowed for a summary delivery of the paper in the Conference (followed by 5 minute discussion/s).

The full written paper is not to be read.

  * The Review Committee will evaluate all submitted materials and
    *successful applicants will be notified by February 4, 2013. *
  * *Complete accepted papers must be between 3000 and 6000 words in
    length, *be an original submission not published elsewhere*and are
    due by May 31^st  2013*, so that translations can be organised.
  * All papers will be published on IFLA.org

Proposals should be sent to Barbara Schultz-Jones (Secretary of the School Library Section) at Barbara.Schultz-Jones@xxxxxxx <mailto:Barbara.Schultz-Jones@xxxxxxx>by *December 31, 2012. *Please indicate "IFLA Proposal WLIC 2013" on the subject line.

For more information, please contact Randi Lundvall (Chair of School Library Section) at: randi.lundvall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:randi.lundvall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> or Dr. Franziska Wein (Co-Convener from Information Literacy Section) at franziska.wein@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:franziska.wein@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Please note that it is the speakers' responsibility to find funding for their participation.

Dr. Franziska Wein
Fachreferentin für Geschichte, Romanistik, Rechtswissenschaft

Abteilung Medienbearbeitung
Universitäts- und Forschungsbibliothek Erfurt/Gotha
Universitätsbibliothek Erfurt
Nordhäuser Straße 63
99089 Erfurt
Tel.: +49 (0)361 737-5704
Fax:  +49 (0)361 737-5779


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