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[InetBib] Call for Papers - 34th Annual IATUL Conference

Call for Papers

"Doing it together: effective collaboration in scientific and technological 
university libraries" 

The IATUL 2013 Programme Committee invites proposals for papers and posters for 
the 34th IATUL Annual Conference. 

The Conference will focus on how academic libraries are using collaboration 
both within their own organizations, and in a wider context to achieve their 
goals. Libraries work together with faculty, and other units within their 
institutions in order to contribute to teaching and learning, research and 
enhance student and community engagement. They also work with other libraries, 
research institutes and the scientific community at large, vendors, industry, 
civil society and political bodies so as to increase their effectiveness. At 
regional, national and international level they join together to form effective 
consortia and organizations that together are able to achieve more than what 
one library in isolation would hope to achieve. 

It is in the spirit of this collaboration that e-science, e-learning, cloud 
computing have all become important considerations for libraries – harnessing 
the ability to share ideas, successes and networks with one another.

In Africa, UBUNTU is a traditional form of sharing, a value underpinning 
relationships to each other and the world. In
the shadow of Table Mountain, let us collaborate in the spirit of UBUNTU by 
sharing our experiences of effective

We welcome papers and posters that will aid in sharing experiences and 
understanding of the effectiveness of collaboration in the following areas: 

- E-learning and beyond: transliteracy, blended learning, game based learning 
and academic social networks 
- E-science: local strategies and beyond – including research data management 
in libraries 
- Cloud computing: impact on library services and collaborative ventures, use 
and benefits for libraries, support for research, etc. 
- Libraries as collaborative hubs: for students and faculty, library and 
general academic support services 
- Inner university collaboration: library and faculty, library and student 
body, library support services, library building/refurbishment planning 
structures and marketing of library services 
- Library and their business partners: electronic data exchange, consortia, and 
more Inter 
- Library networking: national, regional and international library 
collaborative ventures Conference Papers 

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 1st October 2012

Further information may be found on the conference website at:  


Ms Regina Schmidbauer
IATUL Office
c/o Technische Universität München
Arcisstraße 21
80333 Munich
Telephone: +49 (0) 89-289 28490
E-Mail: schmidbauer@xxxxxxxxx


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