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[InetBib] CfP PhD Workshop @ SWIB12

Liebe Liste,

anbei der Call for Participation für einen PhD Workshop im Rahmen der SWIB12 
(26-28 November in Köln, http://swib.org<http://swib.org/>). Der Workshop wird 
in englischer Sprache gehalten und ist auch offen für interessierte 
TeilnehmerInnen, die keinen eigenen Beitrag einreichen. Die Plätze sind 
allerdings limitiert.

Besten Gruß, Atif Latif / Timo Borst

Call for Participation SWIB12 PhD Workshop
In conjunction with the Semantic Web in Libraries Conference, 26 - 28 November 
2012, Cologne, Germany, the PhD workshop at SWIB12 provides an excellent 
opportunity both for the beginner as well as the senior PhD student to present 
his or her ideas and receive feedback by experienced researchers and other PhD 
students working in research areas related to Linked Data based infrastructures 
and applications in libraries.
The Linked Open Data approach provides a framework for the generation, 
publishing and sharing of information by means of semantic technologies. It 
plays a vital role in the realization of the Semantic Web at a global scale by 
publishing and interlinking diverse data sources on the Web. The access to a 
huge amount of Linked Data presents exciting opportunities for the next 
generation of Web-based applications, especially with regard to data hosted and 
provided by libraries. Facing use cases as depicted by the Library Linked Data 
Incubator Group, however there is still a need of Linked Data applications and 
best practice examples.
For this PhD workshop, we would like to discuss the initial ideas about issues 
in Linked Open Data that have proven to be both promising and challenging in 
the context of library use cases and applications. Topics of interest include 
but are certainly not limited to:

Linked Open Data Publishing
*Triplification of existing (structured) data
*Vocabularies, taxonomies, schemas and mappings
*Case studies of Linked Open Data integration and interlinking

Linked Open Data Consumption
*Querying, searching and browsing Linked Open Data
*Simplified user interfaces and techniques for Linked Open Data presentation
*Identity management and disambiguation of resources

Linked Open Data application development
*Linked Open Data and Web 2.0
*Semantic annotation and tagging
*Microforamts, microdata and schema.org elements for semantic representation
*Deep Web and Linked Open Data

For other relevant topics, please have a look at the conference announcement at 
http://swib.org/swib12/. The workshop welcomes submissions by PhD candidates 
working on these topics, with a background in libraries and related 

The workshop is open to all PhD students. PhD students at the beginning of 
their work are particularly welcome when they have a well-defined problem 
statement and some ideas about the solution that they want to discuss.

Submission Guidelines:
The submissions should consist of up to one page. It must be structured 
according to the following criteria:
*Name, affiliation and contact details of the PhD student
*Name(s) of the supervisor(s)
Summary of the research project, including:
*Working title
*Problem Statement: research questions, motivation
*Approach: planned approach and methodology to solve problem statement
*Current status of the work and preliminary results that have already been 
reached plus outlook to future work
*A list of key questions that are to be discussed during the event

Please submit your work using our website at https://www.conftool.net/swib12/.

Selection Process:
All submissions will be reviewed by experienced researchers. Each submission 
will receive detailed feedback and will be scheduled to be presented in the 

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: 16th September 2012.
Notification of acceptance or rejection: 5th October 2012.

Prof. Klaus Tochtermann, ZBW - Germany
Prof. York Sure-Vetter, GESIS - Germany
Prof. Michael Granitzer, Uni Passau - Germany
Dr. Timo Borst, ZBW - Germany
Dr. Atif Latif, ZBW - Germany


Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.