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[InetBib] Indicators for Tag 630

Dear List

I'm a bit confused about the indicators for tag 630. Our cataloging expert 
tells me that when we link a bib record with 630 to the appropriate 
AUT-Database (via Ctl+F3) the correct indicators -7 are replaced by 77. The 
authority record 130 tag also has the correct indicators -7.
I found a reference to this phenomena in the Systems Librarians Guide for 
Authorities on page 18 (Rel 18.01 Version; there doesn't seem to be a V20 
Version on the Document Portal):

When the bibliographic tag 130, 630 or 730 is updated from an authority 130, the
second indicator of the authority tag (number of non-filing characters) is 
moved to the
first indicator of the bibliographic tag. The second indicator of the 
bibliographic tags
is left blank, except for the following cases:
For the 630 field the second indicator (Thesaurus) is retained.

So this cause of the odd behaviour is explained, but not the reason. Why does 
this happen? And is there any way of switching it off?

Thanks for any help


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