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[InetBib] Subject : Traineeships at Cedefop - European Union Agency - records manager / archivist

The EU Agency Cedefop based in Thessaloniki is offering a 9-month traineeship 
in the field of Records Management / Archiving starting on 1 October 2012.


 *   Traineeship in records management
Main duties:

 *   Processing transfer/destruction of files
 *   Assisting the Directorate in inventorying and transferring files from the 
Directorate's office to the Archives room.
 *   Assisting with drafting records management policies and procedures
 *   Assisting with the day-to-day management of the records repository in 
Cedefop's Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS)
 *   Some library-related tasks such as shelving books and periodicals
Essential qualifications:

 *   Degree in Records Management, Archives, or Library and Information Studies
 *   Fluency in English and knowledge of another Community language
 *   IT literacy

 *   Knowledge of a filing system
 *   Some experience in office work
 *   Knowledge of EU framework

A monthly grant between EUR 750-1000 is offered.

For further information and on-line application please visit:

Deadline for the submission of applications 24 April 2012, at 12:00 Greek time 
(CET + 1).

Applications can only be submitted on line.


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