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[InetBib] IFLAcamp registration is open now

*** apologies for cross-posting ***

The registration for IFLAcamp is open now: www.iflacamp.eventbrite.com!
Attending IFLAcamp will be free of charge. To make the event run smoothly,
there will be a limit of 100 participants. So make sure to get your ticket

IFLA's New Professionals Special Interest Group welcomes you to IFLAcamp
which will take place from 9-10 August 2012, giving you enough time to come
over from Cycling for Libraries 2012 and to go for the IFLA World Library
and Information Congress 2012 afterwards. We are going to meet in the City
of Hämeenlinna which is conveniently located 100 km north of Helsinki.

IFLAcamp is a two-day satellite meeting in the mode of an unconference that
provides a lot of space for ad-hoc sessions and open discussion. The
participant-driven approach will allow for active involvement of all
attendees and the inclusion of all kinds of topics that prey on your minds!
IFLAcamp will be a place for New Professionals and the wider LIS community
to meet, share experiences and create new ideas.

For more info visit http://npsig.wordpress.com/iflacamp/.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Finland!

On behalf of NPSIG,
Sebastian Wilke
Convenor, New Professionals Special Interest Group

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