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[InetBib] digital-heritage-preservation-conference - Call for papers

** Apologies for cross posting **

Dear colleagues,

UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme, in cooperation with the School
of Library, Archival and Information Studies and with the Library of the
University of British Columbia, and in partnership with IFLA, ICA, ICOM,
WIPO, Google, Microsoft and others, is sponsoring a three-day conference
concerning the preservation of documentary heritage. This Conference
will provide a platform to showcase major initiatives that could lead to
synergies both in research and implementation. An open, dedicated space
will be soon established on UNESCO's CI website for this event which
will provide a restricted area to share documents. 

Prospective speakers are invited to submit abstracts of proposed
presentations in any areas related to 'The Challenges' listed in this
Call for Papers. The presentations should be about original work or
research findings/recommendations and take the form of either a
traditional paper or an interactive tutorial, seminar, or workshop. 

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Programme Committee to
ensure that the programme provides significant, timely, and
authoritative information. The traditional papers will be allotted
20-minute each and delivered in thematic sessions concluded by a
commentary and a discussion. The tutorials, seminars or workshops will
be allotted 3 hours each. 

The presentations should advance the state of knowledge in the areas and
issues described in this flyer. The conference languages are English and

Complete details


Best wishes

Joie Springer
Senior Programme Specialist
Knowledge Societies Division
Memory of the World


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