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[InetBib] BOBCATSSS 2012 - 1st Call for Participation

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are cordially invited to Amsterdam between January 23 and 25, 2012
to celebrate the 20th anniversary of BOBCATSSS together with us!

In keeping with the theme “information in e-motion”, there will be
lectures, workshops and poster sessions on:

 ... “E-media in motion”, the rise of mobile devices as e-book-readers
and their usability for you and me

... “My information” and if telling our everyday-details to a social
network instead of a diary is really as benign as we think

... “Organizations 2.0” and the best ways to archive and spread
information in big companies

... “Access to public information” and whose task it is to provide it
most adequate: authorities, libraries or someone completely different?

Register until December 1st and you’ll save up to 15 % with our
Early-Bird price!
To register now just follow this link:

More detailed information on the conference programme can be found on
our website:

In addition we’d like to introduce our Keynotes:

- Geert Lovink, a Dutch-Australian media theorist, will hold a speech
about a world beyond Facebook

- Karin Spaink, a dutch feminist and writer will inform us about our
personal privacy and its relation to safety

To learn more about our special guests please see:


Your BOBCATSSS 2012-Team
- Hogeschool van Amsterdam (NL), Stuttgart Media University (GER),
Hanze University Groningen (NL) -

For further information see www.bobcatsss2012.org or follow us via
facebook, twitter or linked in


Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.