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[InetBib] Live videostreaming EuropeanaTech Conference Vienna, 4-5 October

*Sorry for cross-posting*

For those of you who can't attend the EuropeanaTech Conference at the Austrian 
National Library, Vienna, on 4-5 October:

There will be live videostreaming for most of the talks, starting tomorrow,
4 October at 09:15 CEST.



EuropeanaTech is the final conference of the EU project EuropeanaConnect and is 
organised in collaboration with the Europeana Foundation. It will explore 
technical challenges of making digital cultural and scientific information 
attractive and easily accessible for the public. An important goal of this 
conference is to build the community of technical and scientific experts in the 
field. At the core of the conference are interaction, demonstration and the 
exchange of experiences.

The main strands of the conference will be: 

- Open Source 
- Open Data 
- Aggregation and (Meta-) Data Quality 
- Explore and Discover 
- Distributed Community Empowerment

A Hackathon will complete the conference, generating prototypes and code 
contributions to Europeana services. The results will be demonstrated and 
awarded in the final conference session. 

EuropeanaTech is organised by the Austrian National Library and the Europeana 


Best regards
Max Kaiser

Max Kaiser
Head of Research and Development
Austrian National Library
Josefsplatz 1, A-1015 Vienna
Tel.:    +43 1 53410-370
Fax:     +43 1 53410-681
Email:   max.kaiser@xxxxxxxxx
Twitter: @maxkaiser


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