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[InetBib] OT: Workshop Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, HdM Stuttgart, 27.-29.9.2011

Liebe KollegInnen,

der Studiengang Bibliotheks- und Informationsmanagement Master der 
Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart veranstaltet von 27. - 29. September 2011
den englischsprachigen Workshop

"Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP)"

Many library professionals excel in supporting their clients in their 
research activities, yet not all of them are good at undertaking
research to improve their own library management practices. Too many 
decisions are based on intuition, experience, or conversations with  other
library professionals.

It would be much better if those management decisions were based on 
evidence based research. Research to support effective library decision 
making should become part of daily practice: to help library managers 
learn more about their work, to develop better services and to share ideas
about best practice.

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP) is emerging as a 
key topic of discussion amongst many library professionals. The course 
therefore presents an introduction to this management approach that is 
fairly new to Germany. Practical examples and case studies ensure that 
real-life library problems are examined and discussed.

* Key concepts and principles of EBLIP
* The importance of using research and analysis to improve the quality  of
decisions made as part of everyday library practice
* Practical implications of the tools and methods that support evidence 
based practice

Dozentin: Dr. Gillian Hallam, Queensland University of Technology, 
Brisbane, Australia

Detailliertes Programm:

Weitere Informationen auf unserer Summer School Website,
z.B. Anmeldegebühr, Online-Anmeldung, Informationen über die Dozentin, 
Unterkunftsmöglichkeiten etc.


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