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[InetBib] WG: Neu publiziert: "Co-authorship networks in electronic markets research"

Sorry, jetzt mit funktionierender URL.

Liebe Liste,
Vielleicht ist diese Analyse für einige von Interesse; Abstract:

"This article examines co-authorship networks of researchers publishing in 
Electronic Markets?The International Journal of Networked Business (EM). 
The authors visualize the co-authorship network and provide descriptive 
statistics regarding the degree to which researchers are embedded in the 
co-authorship network. They develop and test seven hypotheses associating 
the researchers? embeddedness in the co-authorship network with the number 
of the researchers? citations. Results indicate that author who publish 
co-authored articles in EM have their EM articles (whether co-authored or 
not) cited more frequently than those who publish EM articles only in 
their own names, and that the more they co-author the more they are cited 
because they are located in the center of a co-authorship network. "

Fischbach, K., Putzke, J., & Schoder, D. (2011). Co-authorship networks in 
electronic markets research. Electronic Markets , (pp. 1-22).
URL http://www.springerlink.com/content/278447204772v107/ 

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