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[InetBib] New Release of the COUNTER Code of Practice

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

die nachstehende Email zu den Planungen für die nächste Version des COUNTER 
Code of Practice leite ich zur Information und im Hinblick auf mögliche 
Stellungnahmen weiter.

Mit freundlichem Gruß

Bernhard Mittermaier

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From: Peter Shepherd <pt_shepherd@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Date: Sat, Apr 2, 2011 at 5:00 AM

Subject: New Release of the COUNTER Code of Practice: objectives, timetable and 
process for development

To: LIB-STATS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 It is now almost 3 years since publication of Release 3 of the COUNTER Code of 
Practice for Journals and Databases. Continuing changes in technology, as well 
as in the way articles and other relevant content is presented and accessed 
online, mean that it is now timely to upgrade this Code of Practice. Rather 
than restrict the new Release to Journals and Databases, it is planned to 
extend its coverage to incorporate Books and Reference works, which until now 
have had a separate Code of Practice. The basic principles on which the 
existing Codes of Practice are built, including the rules for processing and 
filtering the raw usage data, will, however, remain.

The following overall objectives have been set for Release 4: the Books and 
Reference Works Code will be integrated with the Journals and Databases Code to 
create a single, unified Code covering all categories of content, including 
multimedia content; the functionality of XML and SUSHI will be more fully 
developed and exploited in the design of the usage reports; the implications of 
the PIRUS2 and Journal Usage Factor projects will be taken into consideration.

The aim is to publish the definitive version of Release 4 in early 2012, with 
implementation by vendors required by 31 December 2013. To achieve this, 
COUNTER will work to the following timetable:

* April 2011: announcement of timetable; invitation to COUNTER members and 
other parties to submit suggestions for Release 4

* April-June 2011: evaluation of submitted suggestions by COUNTER Executive

* September 2011- January 2012: draft Release 4 available for public comment. 
(Feedback will be sought via email, focus groups and at conference 

* March 2012: Publication of Release 4 of the Code of Practice

* December 2013: Deadline for implementation by vendors of Release 4 of  the 
Code of Practice

Both the existing Release 3 of the Code of Practice for Journals and Databases 
and the existing Release 1 of the Code of Practice for Books and Reference 
Works will remain valid until December 31 2013.

Suggestions for Release 4 should be submitted by email, before Tuesday 31 May 
2011, to:

Peter Shepherd

Project Director - COUNTER



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