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[InetBib] EuropeanaTech Conference, Vienna, 4-5 October 2011

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EuropeanaTech Conference
EuropeanaConnect final conference in collaboration with Europeana Foundation

October 4-5, 2011 | Vienna, Austria - Austrian National Library

The EuropeanaTech conference will explore some of the key technical
challenges that Europeana, EuropeanaConnect and other projects are currently
dealing with. Following the spirit of collaboration, which has inspired
Europeana and its projects so far, we will address and investigate key
issues together.

The EuropeanaTech conference is open to all information professionals,
application developers, technology researchers and decision makers in the
cultural domain. EuropeanaTech wants to promote openness in technology, data
and rights. It will discuss technology components behind and around
Europeana but will also explore topics such as cloud computing, data models,
linking, aggregation, contextualisation and reuse of (meta-)data. It wants
to create a knowledge-hub between the software development community and
professionals in the cultural domain, connecting the actors in the field in
order to strengthen networks and establish future collaboration.
Participants will showcase services and activities that are best examples of
an open Digital Culture. 

Please mark this date in your diaries. 

Please visit the conference website for updates on the programme:

Entry to the conference is free and open to all, registration is requested.


Conference Date: October 4-5, 2011 
Venue: Austrian National Library, Vienna
Organisers: Austrian National Library and Europeana Foundation

Contact: europeanatech@xxxxxxxxx  
Website: http://www.europeanaconnect.eu/europeanatech/  

Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/europeanatech  
Join us on LinkedIn to discuss the conference themes:

Max Kaiser
Head of Research and Development
Austrian National Library
Josefsplatz 1, A-1015 Vienna
Tel.:   +43 1 53410-370
Fax:    +43 1 53410-681
Email:  mailto:max.kaiser@xxxxxxxxx 


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