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[InetBib] Data Collection in the Service of Libraries: Call for Papers for 77th IFLA Conference

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

bitte beachten Sie den beiliegenden Call for Papers für das gemeinsame Programm
der IFLA-Sektionen "Library Theory and Research" und "Statistics and Evaluation"
beim IFLA-Kongress 2011 in San Juan. Das Thema der Session lautet "Data
collection in the Service of Libraries". 

Deadline für Vorschläge ist der 14. Februar 2011. Mit Fragen können Sie sich
gern an mich wenden.

Mit freundlichem Gruß

Ulla Wimmer,
secretary, IFLA Statistics and Evaluation Section

Ulla Wimmer

Deutscher Bibliotheksverband (dbv)
Koordinatorin des Kompetenznetzwerks für Bibliotheken (KNB)
Straße des 17. Juni 114
10623 Berlin

Tel: (030) 644 9899 15
Fax: (030) 644 9899 29

e-mail: wimmer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


?Libraries Beyond Libraries: Integration, Innovation, and Information for All?

San Juan, Puerto Rico, 13-18 August 2011


Programme Title: Data Collection in the Service of Libraries

Congress Track: Users driving access and services 

The Library Theory and Research and Statistics and Evaluation Sections are
seeking proposals for a program to be held at the IFLA Conference in Puerto Rico
in August, 2011. 

Evidence-based librarianship and effective data collection lie at the heart of
practical problem solving in contemporary library theory and practice. Data also
are important to persuade library funders and supporters that our work has value
and in assessing and developing user services. Librarians need to apply the same
research techniques and standards to our own problems that our users apply to
their topics.

Papers for this session on applied research should pose a concrete and
answerable research question that presents a practical problem that a library or
group of libraries needs to solve, the data (or ways to collect the data) that
could influence the solution, and a means of data analysis that practicing
librarians could use to get results. 

Examples include problems involving:

*       space (gate-counts, seating space, meeting rooms),
*       selection (cost figures, check-out or download statistics), 
*       personnel (staffing comparisons, efficiency measures), 
*       transformations (repository / open access use, electronic versus paper
material use), 
*       users and non-users (correlations of library use or non-use with
socio-demographics, social and cultural behaviour; non-user-surveys),or 
*       services (search statistics, measures of effectiveness, measures of
missing services).

Authors of successful proposals will be asked to write a brief paper summarizing
their research for publication in the IFLA Proceedings. All selected presenters
will be listed in the official conference program.

Proposals must include the following information:
1.     Name and institution of speaker(s)
2.     Contact information for speaker(s)
3.     Brief biographical information
4.     Proposal title
5.     Brief (500 word) description of the research methodology and findings and
presentation format
6.     Language of presentation

Proposals should be sent to Dr. Lynn Silipigni Connaway, connawal@xxxxxxxx, by
February 14, 2011.  Please include LTR Section IFLA Proposal in the subject
line. Finalists will be notified by March 14, 2011, and will be expected to
submit final versions of their papers in one of the official IFLA languages by
May 15, 2011.

For more information, please contact Terry Weech (Chair. Library Theory and
Research Section) at weech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Please note that it is the speakers? responsibility to find funding for their
participation in the programme and attendance to the Congress.


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