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[InetBib] Introduction to new approaches in digital preservation, SHAMAN and nestor event, German National Library in Frankfurt, Germany, 01/02/2011

***Apologies for cross-posting***

SHAMAN Project and nestor event
Introduction to new approaches in digital preservation
1 February 2011
German National Library 
Frankfurt, Germany

The European project SHAMAN (Sustaining Heritage Access through Multivalent 
ArchiviNg, http://shaman-ip.eu/shaman/ )  and nestor (German competence network 
for digital preservation, http://www.langzeitarchivierung.de/eng/) are 
delighted to announce the training event 'Introduction to new approaches in 
digital preservation', which will take place at the National German Library in 
Frankfurt (DE), on 1 February 2011.

Speakers and Program
Speakers include scientists and researchers from Georg-August-Universität 
Göttingen, University of Liverpool, FernUniversität Hagen, XEROX Research 
Center Europe and University of Glasgow. 
The focus of the event will be on:
- Digital Preservation Policies
- Ontologies and Context Modelling in Digital Preservation
- Data Grids
- Digital Preservation Workflows
- the newly released SHAMAN demonstrator, aimed at supporting digital 
preservation in libraries and archives
The program is available at 

This event is designed to raise awareness of digital preservation issues and 
present new approaches available to help preserving digital assets. 
Practitioners, researchers and managers engaged with digital preservation and 
digital infrastructures in libraries and archives are welcome. 

Participation is free, but spaces are limited. Please register by emailing 
perla.innocenti@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  by Monday 24 January.

Best wishes from the SHAMAN team!

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Deutsche Nationalbibliothek 
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