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[InetBib] 2nd announcement IFLA Presidential Meeting, 14-15 April 2011, The Hague, Netherlands

*** Apologies for cross posting *** 

Mark your Calendars: 

IFLA Presidential Meeting 2011

Libraries driving access to knowledge: action for Europe

14 & 15 April 2011, The Hague, Netherlands 

*** Second Announcement*** 

The IFLA Presidential Meeting 2011 (Theme: Libraries driving access to
knowledge: Action for Europe) is a two-day conference organised by IFLA
<http://www.ifla.org/> , the International Federation of Library
Associations and Institutions and FOBID, Netherlands Library Forum
<http://sitegenerator.bibliotheek.nl/fobid/overig36/overig36.asp>  will
take place on 14 & 15 April 2011 at the National Library of the

For complete details, including a draft programme, please see the Event
listing <http://www.ifla.org/en/events/ifla-presidential-meeting-2011> .

Registration will begin in January 2011 


Europe's libraries are the driving force behind the knowledge society.
They provide access to the information that underpins the continent's
creativity and economic growth. Libraries are unique spaces for sharing,
learning and research for all members of society, regardless of their
knowledge needs. 

The digital environment offers libraries many opportunities, and library
services are adapting to take advantage of this situation. New forms of
access, new attitudes to information sharing, and a complex European
legislative framework demand clear policies to help libraries fulfill
their objectives. 

IFLA is the premier organisation representing libraries at a global
level, and it is to IFLA that the library community across Europe, and
the world, looks for leadership on the important issues facing libraries
in the digital age. This conference will address three key topics on the
agenda for libraries today: the challenges libraries face from the
current copyright system; open access and the changing role of libraries
in providing access to scholarly information; and the fundamental
question of delivering access to information as a human right in the
knowledge society. 


The conference opens with keynotes from the IFLA President and
representatives of the European Commission and the Dutch Ministry of
Education, Culture and Science. 

Session speakers are senior library advocates, primarily from major
Dutch and European institutions, who will explain the situation facing
libraries and present the policies developed by European library
institutions and IFLA in response. Each session will give the floor to
at least one policymaker or MEP who works/is interested in the subject
area. The role of these speakers will be to make a response to the
library positions as part of a panel discussion and discuss the ways in
which libraries can make their voices better heard at a European level. 

*       Draft Programme [PDF
1.pdf> ] 


The audience is open for anyone who is interested in the areas of
copyright, open access and human rights. Also invited are stakeholders,
politicians and decision-makers from European political institutions, UN
bodies, international NGOs, private sector and industry, library
organizations and the press. 

To bring you this latest Presidential Meeting, IFLA and FOBID are
partnering with the following European organizations:  EBLIDA
<http://www.eblida.org/> , LIBER <http://www.libereurope.eu/> , and
SPARC Europe <http://www.sparceurope.org/> . 

For more information, please contact IFLA Headquarters: Stuart Hamilton
<mailto:Stuart.Hamilton@xxxxxxxx>  or Ingeborg Verheul



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