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[InetBib] CfP: JCDL 2011"Digital libraries: Bringing Together Scholars, Scholarship and Research Data"

Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL 2011)
"Digital libraries: Bringing Together Scholars, Scholarship and Research 
June 13-17, 2011 - Ottawa, Canada
http://www.jcdl2011.org ,contains the full details of the CfP and other 

Hosted by the University of Ottawa

Call for Papers

The ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries is a major 
international forum focusing on digital libraries and associated 
technical, practical, organizational, and social issues. JCDL
encompasses the many meanings of the term "digital libraries", including 
(but not limited to) new forms of information institutions and 
organizations; operational information systems with all manner of 
digital content; new means of selecting, collecting, organizing, 
distributing, and accessing digital content; theoretical models of 
information media, including document genres and electronic publishing; 
and theory and practice of use of managed content in science and education.

The theme for JCDL 2011 is "Digital Libraries: Bringing Together 
Scholars, Scholarship and Research Data", in recognition of the changes 
the digital age is now bringing to scholarship, broadly writ. Publishing 
models are changing, along with the breadth of digital material that 
must be managed coherently in the context of users forcing the move from 
information silos to a landscape of interconnected systems supporting 
scholarship for both research and education. Additionally in a number of 
disciplines we are seeing funding agency directives to include with 
primary scholarship those materials on which the scholarship is based 
such as data sets both in the sciences and humanities. Further, we are 
seeing more focus on requirements for managing data for use in the 
future by other scholars.

The intended community for this conference includes those interested in 
all aspects of digital libraries such as infrastructure; institutions; 
metadata; content; services; digital preservation;
system design; scientific data management; workflows; implementation; 
interface design; human-computer interaction; performance evaluation; 
usability evaluation; collection development; intellectual property; 
privacy; electronic publishing; document genres; multimedia; social, 
institutional, and policy issues; user communities; and associated 
theoretical topics. JCDL welcomes submissions in these areas, and 
submissions associated with the JCDL 2011 theme of "Digital 
Libraries:Bringing Together Scholars, Scholarship and Research Data" are 
particularly welcome.

Participation is sought from all parts of the world and from the full 
range of established and emerging disciplines and professions including 
computer science, information science, data science, librarianship, data 
management, archival science and practice, museum studies and practice, 
information technology, medicine, social sciences, education and 
humanities. Representatives from academe, government, industry, and 
others are invited to participate.

Some Important Dates

Full Papers, Workshops, Tutorials, and Panels submissions are due by 
January 23, 2010 at 8pm PST (GMT -8). Short Papers, Posters, 
Demonstrations submissions are due by February 6, 2011 at 8pm PST (GMT 
-8). Notification of acceptance to authors by March 14, 2010. Doctoral 
Consortium Abstracts submissions are due by March 21, 2011.


Conference  Chair
   Glen Newton, Carleton University newtong@xxxxxxx
Program Chairs:
   Mike Wright, National Center for Atmospheric Research mwright@xxxxxxxx
   Lillian Cassel, Villanova University

Traugott Koch
Max Planck Digital Library. F.-Haber-Inst., Faradayweg 4-6, F 1.03
D-14195 Berlin, Germany.  Tel: +49 30 84133725
E-mail: traugott.koch@xxxxxxxxxxx
Homepage: http://www.mpdl.mpg.de/staff/tkoch/


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