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[InetBib] OPF Practitioners' Workshop and Developers' Hackathon

Open Planets Foundation's Practitioners' Workshop and Developers' Hackathon 

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam

15-17 November 2010


Registration for the Open Planets Foundation's first workshop & hackathon is
now open.


On Day 1, digital preservation users, practitioners and developers are
invited to join us to explore the technical challenges organisations face
when preserving digital content and participate  in discussions to define
new and existing requirements for OPF's products and services.


Days 2 and 3 provide an opportunity for developers to meet face-to-face to
with the creators of the Planets tools and services to address
practitioners' requirements and influence the direction of OPF's product


To find out more and to register visit:


Closing date for registration is Friday 5 November.





Join the OPF community - register for a blog on the OPF website at:


Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.