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[InetBib] FW: [IFLA-L] "This week in Libraries"

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For the web version:

Stuart Hamilton on This Week in Libraries (TWIL)

Gothenburg is drawing ever closer. The watch hands beat the time of the
last two weeks before the annual IFLA conference starts. Sweden and
especially Gothenburg will be the star of delegates appointment with
IFLA 2010. To get in the mood for it all, please have a look at Stuart
Hamilton-IFLA's Senior Policy Advisor-who was recently featured on This
week in Libraries. (http://www.thisweekinlibraries.com/)

His fifty minute conversation with Erik Boekesteijn of DOK
(http://www.dok.info/index.php) should be of interest to all in library
land. Through the steady and confident  voice of the Senior Policy
Advisor and untiring traveler of the United States
(http://www.walkingthestates.com/index.asp), you'll get a flavor of the
striking atmosphere you can expect at the IFLA 2010 Conference.
He touches upon today's crucial issues affecting libraries, libraries
evolving roles, what is at stake, and encourages librarians the world
over to stand up and say why libraries are important. 

There's a great balance of serious questions, important considerations
and a good dose of British humor. 

Enjoy the video!


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