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[InetBib] SURVEY: Scientific Publishing and Web 2.0 - Closing on 20 July

Dear Colleagues,

a few weeks ago, we announced a survey on Scientific Publishing and Web2.0. The 
aim of the survey is to gauge the potential acceptance of a Web 2.0 inspired 
production and dissemination of scientific publications by different scientific 
communities and by practitioners. The survey is hence tailored for researchers 
in all domains as well as for people working in the publishing industry.

Many of you, indeed almost 500 people, responded and provided their information 
and opinions on the topic. We sincerely want to thank all those people who 
participated in the study!

Since we want to start processing the data, we will close the survey on July 
20th. Hence there are only few more days for those of you who still wish to 

This survey is part of the Liquidpub project 
(http://project.liquidpub.org<http://liquidpub.org>), funded by Future and 
Emerging Technologies (FET) Programme within the Seventh Framework Programme 
for Research of the European Commission.
We thank you in advance for filling in the questionnaire. It will take about 20 
minutes. You can find the survey at the following link:

Please note that the survey is totally anonymous and that data will be analyzed 
in an aggregated form only. Results will be disseminated through the project's 
website. For any questions, please feel free to contact Aliaksandr and Judith 
and Diego at "InfoLiquidPub@xxxxxxxxxxxxx"<mailto:InfoLiquidPub@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

Once we have finished our analyses, we will notify you and make the results 
available at our project website: http://project.liquidpub.org/

Further information on the project can be found on:
The Project Website: http://project.liquidpub.org/
Our Blog: http://liquidpub.wordpress.com/
On Twitter: http://twitter.com/liquidpub

Best Regards,

Aliaksandr & Diego & Judith for the Liquidpub team

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