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[InetBib] 60ft robo-librarian in West Yorkshire!


noch bis ca. zum Wochenende als podcast:

Cyber espionage, robo-librarians and virtual tradeshows
Mon, 19 Apr 10

In this weeks round up of technology news Simon Cox explores the
shadowy work of cyber espionage. Simon speaks to Rafal Rohozinski
about the recent Shadownet investigation he conducted where he
uncovered a network that had penetrated the security of everything
from the Indian military to the email accounts of the Dalai Lama.
Elsewhere in the programme:

reporter Peter McManus comes face to face with a 60ft robotic
librarian at the British library in West Yorkshire.

Simon also gets to visit the exhibits & schmooze with other delegates
at virtual tradeshow and we hear about Votegeek the website that aims
to share the technology manifestos of every candidate in the upcoming


Ich habs noch nicht gehört, habe aber den Verdacht, dass es sich bei
dem, was hier so dramatisch rüberkommt, weniger mit alten Horrorfilmen
als mit modernen Hochregal-Lagern / -magazinen zu tun hat…

Schöne Woche noch -

Silke Ecks


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