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[InetBib] FYI - 2 Beiträge auf BBC4 Radio: Google / Buchkonservation in den Vatikanarchiven


A Googling We Go (gut 42 und nicht 28 min, wie behauptet -
möglicherweise ist die Netzradio-Version schlicht länger, das kommt
ohne Warnung vor)
Availability: 4 days left to listen

Last broadcast on Tuesday, 21:30 on BBC Radio 4 (see all broadcasts).

Edward Stourton tries to make sense of a decade in which history has
been put on fast forward. There has been a revolution in the way we
communicate, widespread alarm about the planet's very survival and a
challenge to the world order. What does it mean for the way we live as
we head into 2010?
The impact of the internet - dreamt up by visionaries, embraced by
commerce and full of (not always welcome) surprises.


Protected by Faith (30 minutes)
Availability: 6 days left to listen

John Waite investigates the restoration and conservation work
undertaken by the Vatican Secret Archives laboratory, one of the
world's most technologically advanced conservation labs.
John visits the lab and asks how cutting-edge science and religion sit
side by side, why the Vatican undertakes this task, what types of
documents are hidden away in the Archive and who has access to them.
Away from the Vatican, he discovers how the work of the Secret
Archives compares to other conservation and preservation teams.


Silke Ecks


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