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[InetBib] Vacancy in the CERN Library, Geneva, Switzerland

Dear German colleagues,

would any of you like to work at CERN, at the frontiers of knowledge  
and cutting-edge technology? We are among the largest and leading  
research centres in the world and we just started operation of the  
Large Hadron Collider, "the big-bang machine", which will usher a new  
era of scientific discovery. We enjoy a diverse, thriving and  
multicultural work environment, in the heart of Europe, at the  
outskirts of beautiful Geneva in Switzerland.
We are searching for a dynamic, enthusiastic and motivated person to  
join the CERN Library.

The CERN Library [http://library.cern.ch] serves 2'500 scientific,  
technical and administrative CERN staff, 10'000 CERN users from 85  
countries, and the worldwide High-Energy Physics (HEP) community. The  
Library supports their work with its highly specialised holdings:  
books, scientific journals and standards. These collections are  
available as physical media and increasingly in electronic form. In  
addition, with our 25 permanent and temporary staff, students and  
interns we are responsible for the content of CDS [http:// 
cds.cern.ch], the CERN Institutional Repository including scientific  
manuscripts, an archive of CERN documents, educational multimedia  
content and much more; we collaborate with other HEP laboratories to  
launch INSPIRE [http://www.projecthepinspire.net], a next-generation  
digital library for HEP; we play a leading role in promoting Open  
Access publishing through the SCOAP3 project [http://scoap3.org].

The successful candidate will be fully integrated in our activities,  
report to the Head of Library Services, and will primarily:
- take responsibility for acquisition processes and their innovations  
in particular for the book and e-book collections; - oversee quality  
assurance of library services, participating to the supervision of  
staff and students/interns; - manage quality assurance of the library  
catalogue metadata, as well as selected collections within CDS and  
INSPIRE; - coordinate and innovate the maintenance of the library  
catalogue, providing guidance and direction to cataloguers; - research  
and propose solutions for the continued optimisation of metadata  
ingestion and catalogue display.

We require:
- university education, preferably in a scientific discipline, and  
formal library qualifications;
- in-depth knowledge of library services in a research or university  
library; - demonstrated ability to handle complex library cataloguing  
issues; - sound knowledge of relevant information resources,  
preferably within the field of physics; - proven ability for creative,  
innovative and analytical thinking, leading to the implementation of  
practical solutions; - flexibility and willingness to adapt to the new  
challenges of the evolving information environment; - ability to work  
within a multi-disciplinary team; - willingness to take on  
responsibilities and ability to take initiative, supervise staff and  
work independently;
- excellent communication skills and the ability to communicate in  
both written and oral forms.

What we offer:

- Contract duration: Five years, with one year probation. Subject to  
certain conditions, an indefinite contract may be granted during this  
- Financial conditions: Extremely competitive and tax-free staff  
salaries are calculated individually and are based on experience and  
qualifications. Staff automatically join CERN's pension fund.
- Leave: Staff are entitled to 2.5 days paid leave per month, plus two  
weeks at Christmas and a few other local holidays. - Health insurance:  
Staff and their dependents are covered by CERN's generous and  
comprehensive health insurance scheme. - Other benefits: Staff are  
entitled to travel expenses for themselves and their family, an  
installation grant, family allowance, school allowance and child  
Further details on the job can be obtained from Jens.Vigen@xxxxxxx,  
CERN Head Librarian.
To read the full information concerning the job, and to apply, please  
visit: http://bit.ly/6oTfh7

Best regards Jens Vigen, CERN Library


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