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[InetBib] Software Developer with Library-related experience

Hi Everyone,

I saw your forum online and I am really interested in the work you do.  I am
basically a Software developer and I have experience in working with Next
Generation Library Catalogs. I am currently looking out for employment
opportunities and I would be glad to hear from members about any suitable

I just completed an OPEN SRC project called *eXtensible Catalog (XC)* for
the University of Rochester, which dealt with combining together millions of
records in multiple formats like* MARC, Dublin Core etc , *combining them
into a custom format known as the *'XC' format* and exposing this data to
end users*

I have also worked in detail with *FRBR* and I am well acquainted with
library related standards.

I have extensive experience with technologies like *Java, JSP, Servlets,
Struts, JSTL, AJAX, Javascript, HTML, CSS, JQuery*,* Lucene, SOLR* as well
as databases like *MySQL and SQL Server.*
*I have also completed three levels in the German Language and I am quite
proficient in it.*

Given below is my profile on the XC Project website.

*Relocation* : I am willing to relocate if required.
*email ID* : tejaswi.h@xxxxxxxxx
*References and supporting documents* : Will be provided upon request.

Tejaswi Haramurali

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