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[InetBib] ICSTI Workshop on Interactive Publications and the Record of Science

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Von: Brian McMahon [mailto:bm@xxxxxxxx] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009 15:45
An: CODATA_International
Betreff: [codata_international] Workshop on Interactive Publications


Readers of this list may be interested in the forthcoming
one-day Workshop "Interactive Publications and the Record
of Science" in Paris next February.

A synoptic programme is give below; full details are on
the ICSTI web site at http://www.icsti.org. Places are
limited, so early registration is recommended. We look
forward to seeing you there!

    Interactive Publications and the Record of Science
                    ICSTI Winter Workshop

Université Pierre et Marie Curie, 4 place Jussieu 75005 Paris, France
Monday, February 8, 2010

The Web is by nature an interactive environment, yet online journals are
mostly static, befitting their traditional role as a never-changing
scholarly record. However, this traditional role is increasingly challenged
as browser technologies leap forward, dynamic visualization and presentation
tools proliferate, and primary data are linked to research articles. In an
important and timely workshop, publishers, publishing service providers,
librarians, editors and authors meet for a one-day workshop under the
auspices of ICSTI (International Council for Scientific and Technical
Information) to survey the most exciting and challenging of the new
developments, and to begin to identify the necessary infrastructure for
including interactive content within the record of science.

08:15-09:00     Check-in and continental breakfast

09:00-09:10     Welcome
                Session Chair: Elliot Siegel, National Library of Medicine

           I. Interactive visualizations
09:10-09:30     Interactive Science Publishing: a joint OSA-NLM project
                Mike Ackerman, NLM/Optical Society of America
09:35-09:55     Breaking out of 2D: interactive PDFs
                Michelle Borkin, Harvard University
10:00-10:35     Accessing the data: going beyond what the author wanted to
                  tell you
                Brian McMahon, International Union of Crystallography

10:40-11:00     Coffee break

           II. Adding value with enriched content and semantic links
11:00-11:20     Project Prospect and the place of primary data
                Richard Kidd, Royal Society of Chemistry
11:25-11:45     Semantic linking in the Concept Web
                Jan Velterop, Knewco
11:50-12:10     Visualizing and citing dynamic datasets
                Toby Green, OECD
12:15-12:35     The Article of the Future
                Emilie Marcus, Cell Press

12:40-13:45     Lunch break

13:45-13:55     Introduction to afternoon session
                Session Chair: John Helliwell, University of Manchester

           III. The archival problem and infrastructure for solutions
13:55-14:15     What needs to be archived and what needs to be done?
                Richard Boulderstone, British Library
14:20-14:40     Maintaining a persistent scholarly citation record when
                  content is protean and identity is cheap
                Geoffrey Bilder, CrossRef
14:45-15:05     Bridging the gap between data centres and publishers
                Jan Brase, German National Library of Science and Technology

15:10-15:30     Tea break

           IV. W(h)ither journals?
15:30-16:05     The nature of scholarly publishing in the new century
                Timo Hannay, Nature Publishing
16:10-16:45     Dumbing down or opening new horizons?
                Phil Bourne, University of California San Diego

16:50-17:30     Panel Discussion 

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