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[InetBib] Reminder: Digital Preservation the Planets Way, 17-19 November, Bern

Digital Preservation – The Planets Way: 17-19 November 2009
Swiss Federal Archives, Bern
Registration and Hotel Reservation
***Apologies for cross-postings***
Registration is open until 10 November 2009 for the Planets training and
outreach event taking place in Bern on 17-19 November.
Register now for day 1 only at a cost of EUR 95.- or for the whole
three-day event at a cost of EUR199.- at:
Early reservation of hotel rooms is essential for this event. Book your
accommodation now at:
To see the event programme and to find more information on Planets and the
training and outreach event, please visit:
http://www.planets-project.eu/events/bern-2009/ or send an email to

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