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[InetBib] "Etudes de communication" becomes OA journal

The French journal on information and communication sciences "Etudes de
communication", published since 1986 by the Lille GERiiCO laboratory
http://geriico.recherche.univ-lille3.fr/ becomes an open access journal on
the Revues.org platform http://edc.revues.org/

"Etudes de communication" deals with a number of different research
domains: cultural industries, organisational communications, media and
cultural analyses, and audiovisual communication. It focuses on work
carried out by university researchers and communications professionals,
particularly in the following areas: written production in institutional
contexts, the critical analysis of the legitimisation of reception models,
questions relating to the evolution of media forms, the effect of
audiovisual writing procedures and the modes of appropriation by invited

The issues 2002 to 2006 are freely available, the access to 2007 and 2008
is restricted.

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.