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Svenska böcker läggs ut på Google
Av Arvid Jurjaks
Först publicerad: 5 februari 2009 08:21
Senast uppdaterad: 9 februari 2009 02:00
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An agreement between Google and american authors gives the search giant the right to scan even swedish books. Now, authors and publishers in Sweden have 3 months to make objections – otherwise it is expected that they accept the new conditions.

- One is quite simply being involved in something that one does not want to participate in, says Pia Janné Nyberg, lawyer at Svenska

Since 5 years ago, there has been a dispute between Google and american publishers and authors.

The occasion is the search giants project to establish a digital library by scanning a huge quantity of books. In conflict with copyright,
several authors and publishers considered and chose to sue Google.

But now, both sides have come to an agreement. A conciliation agreement has been established and June 11th this year, it is expected that an american law court will approve the agreement. The agreement will then concern everybody who is affected by american

Barely important to swedish authors, one should think. But affected by american copyright is roughly speaking everybody who is
issuing books and periodicals.

This weekend Google is announcing in swedish newspapers – and swedish authors and publishers have a deadline May 5th to decide: Accept the agreement – which means to sign away the right to sue Google in the future. It also means that one gives Google the right
to scan copyrighted material into its electronic database

If Google not hear from you, it is expected that you have accepted the agreement.

This agreement was jut dumped upon us. It is a complicated agreement of several hundred pages, says Pia Janné Nyberg, lawyer at
Svenska Förläggareföreningen.

What has the different sides done to hear your opinion?
- Nothing. They have not informed us at all. We did not even know that settlement negotiations have been in progress.

The conciliation agreement implies that the authors have the right to 63 percent of the so called revenues of use which Google will
get from its new service.

Sveriges Författarförbund (Swedish author association) is gently positive to the fact that both sides in US have succeeded in making
an agreement and think that the conciliation agreement is good.
-We have not studied it in detail. It is clear that there are difficulties, but it is good that there is a possibility to refuse, says the mayor
of the association.

Both the author association and the publisher association are now working actively with informimg their members.

Google's office in Sweden has not given any comment.

Was bedeutet das fuer die deutschsprachigen Laender?

Nun, einen Monat und einige Tage später ist ein bisschen zu sehen.
Es kommen härtere Tage, zB in archivalia und auch auf textkritik.de zu sehen - die FAZ und taz infos gingen ja schon an inetbib...

Mit freundlichem Gruss
Manfred Hauer

Und nachträglich ein Danke für die englische Übersetzung!

Gruesse, Karl


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