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[InetBib] [AMIA-L] Using crowdsourcing in audiovisual archives - research on multilingual access

Immer derselbe Fehler: Hier jetzt mit Anhang.
Peter Delin

Good afternoon,

At the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, one of Europe's
largest audiovisual archives, we invite "the commons" to document and
share their knowledge about our collection. To this end, we launched the
Sound and Vision Wiki (www.beeldengeluidwiki.nl/) a year ago. Currently,
this semi-curated wiki (people have to register) features over 2.000
articles regarding programmes and 400 biographies of media-personalities
written by students, academics, curators, and other enthusiasts. We're
using the MediaWiki platform and aim to have 50.000 lemma's by 2014.

In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam we would like to
initiate a research project that will use state-of-the-art machine
translation technology to translate the contributions to other
languages. We are curious if there are other organisations that follow a
similar approach to gather information their holdings. All input is
highly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Johan Oomen
Head of R&D
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

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