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[InetBib] Second international Digital Preservation Challenge deadline is 31 July 2008


*The Second Digital Preservation Challenge
Sponsored in part by XEROX*

Second international Digital Preservation Challenge deadline is _*31 July 2008.*_

DigitalPreservationEurope is accepting entries for the Second international Digital Preservation Challenge until 31 July 2008 at 4pm GMT. The Digital Preservation Challenge invites students to overcome the barriers hindering access to five digital objects. Each set of objects is accompanied by a scenario based on a real-life digital preservation situation.

There are no wrong solutions, only interesting ones; we want to hear your ideas!

*Important dates*
Opening of the Challenge:     15 January 2008
Deadline for submissions:      *31 July 2008 at 4pm GMT *
Announcement of winners:    ECDL 17 September 2008, Aarhus, Denmark

First Prize:         3000 Euros
Second Prize:    1500 Euros
Third Prize:          500 Euros

To learn more about or to take part in the Digital Preservation Challenge, please visit http://www.digitalpreservationeurope.eu/challenge/

Questions or comments should be sent to challenge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted on behalf on Professor Seamus Ross and Professor Andreas Rauber


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