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[InetBib] DRIVER Workshop - Training for Dataproviders (part of TICER Summerschool) - 29 August 2008

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Put Yourself in the DRIVER's Seat -
Practical Training for Building a European Repository Network
(Module 5 b)
Friday, 29 August 2008
Ticer, Tilburg University, NL

As a part of the well known international TICER summerschool the DRIVER
project organizes a workshop for repository managers or data-aggregators
that are (or are considering to become) part of the DRIVER community. It
assists them to implement the DRIVER Guidelines and to integrate with the
DRIVER community.

Norbert Lossau describes the vision of the DRIVER programme, the objectives,
the organisation and the philosophy and will explain the benefits of
participating in DRIVER. Wolfram Horstmann outlines the main issues
(metadata, OAI-PHP protocol) that are covered by the DRIVER Guidelines.  The
afternoon-session, by Paolo Manghi, consists of a practical demonstration
and hands-on training.

By the end of the day participants really will be in the DRIVER's seat!

Registration is open till June 6.

The course website can be found at www.tilburguniversity.nl/ticer/08carte/.
Digital Libraries à la Carte 2008
August 25-29, 2008
Tilburg Innovation Centre for Electronic Resources (Ticer)
Tilburg University, The Netherlands

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