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[InetBib] Fw: please help to distribute a metadata survey

RE: WDL WG - photosWürde mich freuen, wenn auch aus Deutschland hierzu noch bis 
Ende Oktober Antworten kommen . 
Claudia  Lux
IFLA President  

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Subject: please help to distribute a metadata survey

Dear Guidelines WG members,

We wonder if you could help us to distribute this survey among the 
professionals in your country or association.  We sent it to the IFLA-L but 
wonder if many librarians are not on the IFLA listserv.  We also sent to the 
Bibliographic Control Division committee members for helping the distribution.  
Allene just sent to the Library of Congress staff members, OLAC, PCC, and 
members of the ALA Electronic Resources Discussion Group. 

We already collected very good results from our pretest at the Cataloging 
Section committee at Durban.  This version is revised based on those 
Thanks in advance!  We will share the results with you after the survey is 
finished in two months.
Many thank!  Marcia, Jeasun, and Allene

Subject: IFLA Brief Survey on the Metadata Decisions for Digital Libraries

Dear Library and Information Professionals,

         We are collecting your suggestions to be used in preparing a chapter 
on metadata decisions for the Digital Library Guidelines, a task of the IFLA- 
World Digital Library Working Group on Digital Library Guidelines.  The 
Guidelines will be developed for use by libraries and other cultural 
institutions around the world. The purpose of this survey is to investigate 
different issues, levels, and concerns regarding metadata and controlled 
vocabularies that need to be addressed in the Guidelines.        

         Please take 3-5 minutes to answer these questions on the survey 
available at: 
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=lRTMlZ_2bVEGf8zmNCQPS3fg_3d_3d .  
Or, you can answer the same questions attached in this email and send them back 
to us at mzeng@xxxxxxxx or jslee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

         If you would like to know more about this research project, please 
call Marcia Zeng at (+1) 330.672.0009 or email her at mzeng@xxxxxxxxx  This 
project has been approved by Kent State University.  If you have questions 
about Kent State University's rules for research, please call Dr. John L. West, 
Vice President and Dean, Division of Research and Graduate Studies (Tel. 
1-330.672.2704).  Thank you for your participation in this survey.

Sincerely,  Marcia Zeng, Kent State University; Jaesun Lee, The National 
Library of Korea; Allene Hayes, Library of Congress

1. Which of the following best describe your role in your digital 
collection/digital library project(s)? (Please check all that apply): 

-- coordinating digital collection/digital library projects 
-- creating metadata records 
-- supervising metadata and/or cataloging project(s) 
-- creating and maintaining controlled vocabularies (lists of subject headings, 
thesauri, taxonomies, etc.) and authority files 
-- consulting on metadata issues 
-- consulting on vocabulary control issues 
-- providing technical support to the digital library projects 
-- teaching and training information professionals 
-- developing policies and best practices 
-- Other (please specify): 

2.  What are the major concerns you have in your project(s) that relate to 

2.1  For design and planning of digital projects 
(Please check all that apply to your major concerns)
-- to understand possible workflows 
-- to consider reusing existing cataloging records by integrating them or 
transforming them to other formats, e.g., MARC to DC, a local format to EAD, 
etc., or any other variation in the new project 
-- to understand the mechanisms of harvesting protocols 
-- to explore how to include various types of resources (print, web pages, 
images, etc.) in one project 
-- to plan how search functions can be supported by metadata information 
-- to decide upon levels of description (e.g., item level, collection level) 
-- to see examples from similar projects 
-- to plan how metadata records will be linked with authority records 
-- to plan how the metadata describing a physical object will be associated 
with the metadata for its digital version 
-- to find if any metadata exist already in the objects themselves that could 
be extracted automatically and what tools are available for this 
-- to understand the value of controlled vocabularies 
-- to understand and adopt an abstract model (e.g., Dublin Core Abstract Model, 
FRBR conceptual model, CCO entity-relationship model) 
-- to understand types of metadata (e.g., descriptive, administrative, 
structural, preservation, rights metadata) 
-- to learn how to measure and control metadata quality 
-- Other (please specify): 

2.2 For the decisions about element set standards (= data structure decisions) 
Note: Examples of metadata standards include Dublin Core, MARC, MODS (Metadata 
Object Description Schema), VRA (Visual Resources Association) Core, EAD 
(Encoded Archival Description), CDWA Lite. (Please check all that apply to your 
major concerns):

-- to find out what standards are available 
-- to understand what factors influence the decision on which metadata standard 
to use, e.g., what sort of material they are good for 
-- to decide which metadata standard to use 
-- to understand what sorts of adjustments might be made to a standard metadata 
schema that could result 
    in a separate schema and /or application profile 
-- to decide whether an application profile should be developed 
-- to learn how to create crosswalks 
-- to learn how to use different metadata schemes together in one project 
-- Other (please specify): 

2.3 For the decisions about data contents in a record (data content decision)
(Please check all that apply to your major concerns)
-- to decide which core elements should be included in all records (e.g., is 
RIGHTS information required), which elements are mandatory, and which are 
-- to decide which elements (e.g., SUBJECT, CREATOR) should use a controlled 
vocabulary/authority file 
-- to provide guides in order to ensure that metadata values will be entered 
consistently (e.g., for DATE, FORMAT information) 
-- to learn how to provide correct information in a record (e.g., where to find 
TITLE information from a website, what are the IDENTIFIERs, how many 
IDENTIFIERs should be included, etc.) 
-- to find existing data content (i.e., cataloging) standards and best practice 
guides (e.g., Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR), Cataloging Culture 
Objects (CCO), Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS), etc.) 
-- Other (please specify): 

2.4  For the decisions about authority files and controlled vocabularies (data 
value decision)
(Please check all that apply to your major concerns)
-- to establish our own authority files for names 
-- to decide whether to use existing controlled vocabularies or authority files 
(e.g., LCSH, ULAN (The Union List of Artist Names), LC Authorities) 
-- to develop controlled vocabularies (including controlled lists, taxonomies, 
thesauri, etc.) 
-- to maintain our own authority files and controlled vocabularies 
-- Other (please specify): 

2.5 For the decisions about metadata encoding (= data format/technical 
interchange decisions) 
Note: Metadata records can be represented in many syntax formats such as XML, 
RDF, HTML/XHTM. (Please check all that apply): 
-- to understand what are the universal or widely used encoding formats 
-- to see examples of encoded records 
-- to learn about available tools for encoding and converting records 
-- Other (please specify): 

2.6. General comments 
Which of your major concerns were not addressed in this questionnaire? 

THANK YOU!  Please send your completed survey back to mzeng@xxxxxxxx or 

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