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[InetBib] new Ticer Digital Libraries à la Carte course

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Dear INETBIB subscribers,

I am happy to announce the 12th edition of our annual summer
school on the digital library:

This year, we have a German course director: Dr Norbert Lossau,
Director of the Göttingen State and University Library.

Kind regards,

Jola Prinsen

Digital Libraries a la Carte: New Choices for the Future

Modular, International Digital Library Course
Tilburg University, The Netherlands, 27-31 August 2007

The International Ticer School (known for its former International
Summer School on the Digital Library) offers a new, modular course
for librarians and publishers: "Digital Libraries à la Carte". The
course will be held at Tilburg University, The Netherlands, 27-31
August 2006.

From its 'menu' of six one-day modules, you can pick your choice:

* Strategic Developments and Library Management
* Technological Developments: Threats and Opportunities for
* Hands-on: Open Source Software for Libraries and XML
* Libraries Supporting Research and Open Access
* Hands-on: Library 2.0 Technologies to Reach out to the Customer
* Libraries Supporting Teaching and Learning

Subjects covered
* Science Commons
* collection development in the digital age
* understanding user needs
* performance measurement and accountability
* search engines and innovative catalogues
* library chatbots
* federated identity management
* open source software for libraries
* libraries supporting eScience
* Sakai as a virtual research environment
* Open Access to data sets
* services based on Open Access repositories
* podcasting/vodcasting
* social networking and immersive worlds
* libraries for NetGen students
* information literacy
* learning spaces
* gaming and libraries

Top speakers will present their views. Below is a selection.

* Anne E. Bell is University Librarian at the University of Warwick
  and responsible for the exemplar Learning Grid
* Peter Binkley, Digital Initiatives Technology Librarian at the
  University of Alberta, is an expert on federated search and blogs
  via Quædam cuiusdam
* Anne Christensen, Web Services Librarian at the State and
  University Library Hamburg, is the driving force behind the
  library chatbot Stella
* David Free, Public Services Librarian at the Georgia Perimeter
  College, is the 'king of academic podcasting' in the US
* Patricia Iannuzzi is Dean of University Libraries at the
  University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a leader in information
* Joan Lippincott is Associate Executive Director at the Coalition
  for Networked Information (CNI)
* Ronald Milne recently became Director of Scholarship and
  Collections at the The British Library and brings with him
  expertise on both the Google and Microsoft digitization projects
* Eric Lease Morgan, Head of the Digital Access and Information
  Architecture Department at the University Libraries of Notre Dame,
  is an international expert on open source software and XML for
* Chuck Severance is the Sakai Executive Director, University of
* John Wilbanks is the Executive Director of Science Commons

To guarantee a highly interactive programme, the number of
participants is limited, lectures contain an interactive component,
and two modules consist of hands-on sessions in a computer room.
The course is recommended by JISC, DEFF - Denmark's Electronic
Research Library, CBU/KUB - the conference of university libraries
in Switzerland, and NFF - the Norwegian Association of Special

The course website can be found at
www.tilburguniversity.nl/ticer/07carte/. On the website you can
find the full programme, the complete list of lecturers with
short bios, abstracts of most presentations and practical
information about course fee and registration.

If you register before 1 June 2007, you will get a ?150 discount.

Further information
Ms Jola Prinsen
Manager Ticer
Tilburg University
Library and IT Services
P.O. Box 4191
5004 JD Tilburg
The Netherlands
tel. +31 13 466 8310
fax  +31 13 466 8383
e-mail jola.prinsen@xxxxxx

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