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Re: [InetBib] IBIS International Book Information Service


Frage war:

>hat jemand als Nutzer Erfahrung mit:
>The International Book Information Service (IBIS)

Heute hat IBIS direkt auf meine Anfrage geantwortet (s.u.).

Man erhält also keine gebündelte Literaturliste zu einem
Fachgebiet, sondern die Neuerscheinungshinweise der
einzelnen wissenschaftlichen Verlage per Mail - oder Post.
"From time to time, Academic Publishers will contact you with
information on new books covering the Arts."

Thank you for your e-mail message. We have German Libraries,
Academic Libraries and German Named Librarians on file.

The IBIS worldwide Academics and Library file was created some 30
years ago by major Academic Publishers (Oxford University Press,
Cambridge University Press, etc.) so that they could inform the
Academia worldwide about the edition of new books and Research
Material. This still happens today. For instance if the Springer
Verlag has a new book on Nanotechnology they will use the file to
circulate the information to Professors who have put Nanotechnology
down as their subject interest.

... At the next Questionnair
you will be contacted. You can than open your data card and amend
anything you like.

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