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[InetBib] Ergänzung zum früheren Wikipedia Thread - Wikipedia und Britannica

Wikipedia and Britannica

The Kid's All Right (And So's the Old Man)
By Paula Berinstein
(Searcher, March 2006, Vol.14, Issue 3)

Many Searcher readers, especially those of us
who went to library school, remember the
hushed reverence with which the 11 th
edition of the Enryclopaedia Britannica, the
last published in the U .K., was spoken.
Here was a classic work of scholarship that
was so definitive, so monumental, that it
was still unmatched decades after its
completion in 1911.
So it is perhaps with mixed feelings that we
regard the upstart Wikipedia
(http:/ /www.wikipedia~org). The bottom-
up, dynamic, nonprofit, Web-based
encyclopedia continues to mushroom in
popularity (about 2.5 billion page views per
month) and size (more than 873,000
articles and 43,000 contributors associated
with the English-language version, and
more than 89,000 total volunteers working
on over 2,550,000 articles in more than 200
languages). And as it grows, a battle of
sotts has emerged between it and the iconic
Britannica (which now contains over
65,000 articles and 35 percent updated
content in the 2005 print edition and more
than 120,000 in the online edition). The
Britannica also now appears online as weIl
as in hard copy, DVD, and CD-ROM. The
lmost blatant symbol of the battle is
Wikip~dia's.page.devoted to correcting ~
errors In Britannica.

mfg c.cazan

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