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[InetBib] OT: Soliciting for Classcial Library Buildings of the World

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Dear All,

The Shanghai Library is editing a new book entitled Classical Library Buildings 
the World. Does your library have a classical building? If so , We ask that you 
a few minutes to fill out the accompanying questionnaire for Dr.Wu Jianzhong,
Director of the Shanghai Library. If not, but you know of other classical 
buildings please forward this information to us. We will be very pleased if you
could give us your guidence and introduce the well-known classic library 
of the world. Your help will be very important to us. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Ren Xiapei
Shanghai Library
1555 Huai Hai Zhong Lu
Shanghai, 200031
Fax: 0086-21-64455006

Email: xpren@xxxxxxxxxxxx </src/compose.php?send_to=xpren%40libnet.sh.cn>


Dear Sir/Madam,
Buildings are among the most important physical and spiritual phenomena of 
They are symbols of a country, a city or a culture. As an important public 
the library is often regarded as a temple of knowledge. Because of this, 
make their best endeavors to build it into a work of art and a work of 
Library buildings therefore richly reflect the various genres of the 
and thoughts of their times.
The publication, New Library Buildings of the World, published by Shanghai
Scientific & Technological Literature Publishing House in 2003, shows 100
magnificent and colorful library buildings of the world which were completed in 
past twenty years. With the advice of the IFLA Section of Library Building and
Equipment and to meet the expectations of library professionals and readers, we 
planning to publish a new book entitled Classical Library Buildings of the 
with emphasis on the libraries that are over 100 years old and which have 
architectural and artistic characteristics.
Before publishing the work, we will make a survey of classical library 
buildings all
over the world. Because of the limitations of size, only 60 well chosen 
will be included in this book. Responsibility for making the final selection of
libraries to be included will rest with an international editorial board.
To help the editorial board identify candidate libraries for possible 
inclusion, we
would be grateful if you would complete the attached questionnaire and return 
it to
the address shown as soon as possible. The book will be published in 2006. 
to our plan, all the necessary documentation will need to be collected by the 
end of
February 2006. Therefore your quick response is highly appreciated.
We would also appreciate your help in identifying other classical library 
in your area or within your knowledge. Your help is important for making this 
book a
valuable one. Thank you very much indeed for your cooperation.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Wu Jianzhong
Director, Shanghai Library
Chief Editor, New Library Buildings of the World, 2003
1555 Huai Hai Zhong Lu,
Shanghai, 200031



Library name:

Address (contact details): ________________________________________________

Beginning of the construction: ___________________Opening date: _____________

Total floor area (m2): __________Public areas (m2): _________Reading areas (m2):

Number of floors: _______________________

Name of architect: _____________________________________________________

Architectural style of the building: ________________________________________

Administrative affiliation:         ?National          ?Local government

?University        ?Other _____________

Holding capacity (Size of the collection): ___________________________________

Books: __________Bound periodicals: __________Current periodicals: __________

Main features of the collection: ___________________________________________


Types of services provided: ______________________________________________

Types of users served: __________________________________________________

Is the building still used for library purposes?         ?Yes     ?No

(If it is not, it is used for ________________________________________________)

Is the building independent?                       ?Yes     ?No

(If it is not, it is _______________________________________________________)

Please send us at least two photos of your library building, including the 
and interior. Please send us PRINTED photos or electronic formats (at least 500

Please provide a brief introduction to the Library (about 600 words).


Please send your response by ordinary mail or email to the following address:

Ms. Ren Xiapei
Shanghai Library
1555 Huai Hai Zhong Lu, Shanghai, 200031
Fax: 0086-21-64455006
Email: xpren@xxxxxxxxxxxx </src/compose.php?send_to=xpren%40libnet.sh.cn>
Petra Hauke M.A.
Hochkalterweg 3a, 12107 Berlin
Tel. (030) 741 59 03
Fax (030) 740 70 216
E-Mail: petra.hauke@xxxxxxxxxxx

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