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[InetBib] [CRISS2006]Call for Papers: CRIS2006

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

auf folgenden Call for Papers möchte ich Sie hinweisen mit der Bitte um
Weiterleitung. Bitte entschuldigen Sie eine evtl. Mehrfachzustelllung.

CRIS 2006

8th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems
May 11-13th, 2006 in Bergen, Norway

Call for Papers

euroCRIS organises conferences relating to Research Information Systems.
Having started in Bergen (Norway) in 1991 the CRIS Conference Series is
returning to its origin. The conference will take place at the world
heritage monument Bryggen, the former Hanse-quarter at Bergen. The title is:

Enabling interaction and quality: Beyond the Hanseatic League!

The Hanseatic League: a group of Hansa-Guild traders from the 12th to
the 16th centuries based in Hanse cities - of which one was Bergen -
centred on the Baltic Sea. The Hansa interoperated preferentially with
each other although open also to other trading opportunities. They
benefited in financial, technological and cultural terms from
well-organised processes, ethics of business and knowing each other.
They had their own social systems and even laws and justice. They
exchanged information on innovative developments while trading already
produced goods. The parallels with CRISs in a global environment are clear!

CRIS is aimed at promoting scientific discussion and information
exchange on research information systems. CRIS 2006 continues the
tradition of encouraging the sharing of experiences among developers,
producers and users of research information systems. CRIS 2006 is
further intended to foster discussion on novel approaches and ideas on
international dialogue, pan-European cooperation, and the transfer and
use of information related to CRIS.


Management of the research process: CRISs and workflow management viewed
from different perspectives (the researcher desktop, the research
administrator in a research institution (academic or commercial),
funding agency or government department) and covering the research
process through proposal, funding, execution, delivery of outputs and on
to innovation and exploitation

Interoperation of systems and people, interaction of CRIS users with
systems, integration of different CRIS-related inputs, portals and
information access (including Open Access), data warehouse construction,
new support paradigms such as GRIDs

CRISs as evaluation tools, use of a data warehouse, measurement of
research outputs, quality assessment, novel methods for peer review of
proposals and publications, identification of strategic future R&D topics

CRISs providing intelligent contextual access to repositories of
publications, patents, products, primary datasets and associated
management of curation with legalistic, media and metadata aspects

euroCRIS and the University of Bergen invite you to send in proposals, regarding any of these topics, for

* Papers in plenary sessions
* Workshops
* Poster sessions and presentations as part of an exhibit

Paper proposals should be approximately 3 pages in length and include a
10-line summary (abstract).

The call closes on November 14, 2005.

For further information on how to make a proposal, as well as details
about CRIS2006 and the location of the conference, please consult the
conference's web site at:


The conference language is English. All accepted papers and invited
talks will be published electronically and in print form and will be
available during and after the conference.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in contact with us

General Questions and Participation
Anne Asserson
Research Department
University of Bergen
5020 Bergen
+47 55 58 4580

Submission of Papers
Wolfgang Adamczak
Research Liaison Office
University of Kassel
Gottschalkstr. 22
34109 Kassel
+49 561 804 2224


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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Dr. Maximilian Stempfhuber
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Abteilungsleiter Forschung & Entwicklung
Informationszentrum Sozialwissenschaften (IZ)
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