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[InetBib] International Virtual Reference Partnerships: Webinar

International Virtual Reference Partnerships: Webinar

Librarians from across the world are partnering with colleagues globally
to increase services for their patrons locally.   Three outstanding
examples of cooperation across
borders will be presented in two Web seminars.  These seminars are part
of a new series of webinars sponsored by OCLC QuestionPoint on a variety
of reference issues.

Linda Berube (Enquire service, England) will discuss how libraries in
England are able to provide 24 hour reference service through an
arrangement with the 24/7 Reference
Cooperative.  Paul Ulrich (Berlin Central and Regional Library) is
building partnerships with libraries throughout Europe to provide
multilingual reference services to the
people of Berlin, Paris, Warsaw and others.

Time: Wednesday, September 28 at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time/ (1400

Mary Peterson and Sue Rockliff present the Chasing the Sun service, a
partnership of medical libraries in Australia and England, which
provides an after-hours on-line
reference service for urgent clinical questions relating to patient

Time: Monday, September 26 at 9:00 PM Eastern (Tuesday, September 27 at
0100 UTC).

We hope you can attend one or both of these webinars, as our speakers
share their experiences in establishing reference services that cross
geographic, time, and
language boundaries.  Recordings of the sessions will be available on
the OCLC QuestionPoint website.

To register for either or both webinars, e-mail David Leslie at
leslied@xxxxxxxxx  In the subject line of your e-mail, please indicate
one of the following:

Webinar: England/Germany
Webinar: Chasing the Sun
Webinar: Both

In the message body, indicate your name, the name of your institution,
and a phone number where we can reach you the day of the webinar.

For general questions about the webinars, or to suggest future topics,
please contact Susan McGlamery at mcglames@xxxxxxxx

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