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IFLA New Professionals Discussion Group List-serv

Guten Tag,

auf Bitten der Kollegin leite ich die folgende Mail gern an Sie weiter.

Freundliche Grüße
Susanne Riedel

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht----- Von: Sabine.Stummeyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Gesendet: Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2004 08:59 Betreff: New Professionals Discussion Group List-serv

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

anbei leite ich eine Mail von Stuart Hamilton und Andrew Cranfield, den
Coordinatoren der New Professionals Discussion Group, NPDG, weiter. Die
NPDG ist ein lockerer Zusammenschluss von Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus
z.Z. über 50 Ländern, die sich während der IFLA Tagung in Buenos Aires
zu einem ersten Informations- und Erfahrungsaustausch getroffen haben.
NPDG möchte allen Kolleginnen und Kollegen ein Forum bieten, die am
Aufbau eines internationalen Kontaktnetzwerkes innerhalb der IFLA
interessiert sind.
Themen, mit denen sich NPDG in der nächsten Zeit befasst sind
u.a.:Aufbau einer Mailingliste zum Informationsaustausch, Bündelung von
Informationen zu Praktika und Arbeitsaufenthalten im Ausland und
Vorbereitung einer NPDG-Veranstaltung während der nächsten IFLA
Konferenz in Oslo.
Wenn Sie Lust haben, sich bei NPDG zu engagieren oder noch mehr über
deren Arbeit und Pläne erfahren möchten, wenden Sie sich bitte an
Stuart Hamilton ( sha@xxxxx ) oder
Andrew Cranfield (acr@xxxxxx ) oder
an mich (Sabine.Stummeyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

Eine Kurzvorstellung der NPDG finden Sie auch im Internet

Herzliche Grüße aus Hannover
Sabine Stummeyer

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Hamilton, Stuart [mailto:sha@xxxxx]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 23. November 2004 15:35
Betreff: New Professionals Discussion Group List-serv
Dear all

Many greetings from a cold Copenhagen. I hope this finds you all well. I
am writing to you now to let you know that we have finally managed to
set up the NPDG list-serv. I can only apologise for the delay in doing
this and once again plead PhD duties as an excuse! Thankfully my thesis
is nowhanded in and I can concentrate a little more on the NPDG's

IFLA Headquarters has agreed to set up our list-serv and I am proposing
that all of you receiving this email will be automatically added as
subscribers on Friday - unless you email me to tell me not to add you. I
am hoping you will all be keen to use the list however, especially as we
all agreedin Buenos Aries how useful it could be for our communications
and discussion. I am hoping that you will feel comfortable in posting
whatever you feelis of interest to the list and that many fruitful
discussions shall come out of your involvement.

One thing that you might like to begin discussing is the practicalities
of job exchanges - Andrew and I have been investigating this issue for
the past couple of months and it is undoubtedly a lot of work. We are
currently working on our programme for the Oslo conference next year and
we arehoping to include speakers who have been involved in a job
exchange and are willing to share their experiences with us. If anyone
has anything at all to say on this matter - difficulties and obstacles,
successful swaps or any thoughts on how such exchange schemes can
succceed - please consider sharing them with the list. The more feedback
we get from the list members on thistopic (and any others) the better we
can devise a successful programme in Oslo.

On a further note regarding Oslo 2005, we are currently in contact with
the organisers to draw up a list of possible budget accommodation for
those of us struggling with the high prices of hotels etc. during the
conference. Watch this space!

To conclude: the list-serv should be up and running next week. I shall
post something to the list then. If you do not wish to be on the list,
please let me know as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


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