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erpaTraining Amsterdam - programme released, registration open

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' ERPANET Seminar
' Business Models related to Digital Preservation
' Amsterdam, The Netherlands
' September 20-22, 2004
' http://www.erpanet.org/events/2004/amsterdam/

ERPANET is pleased to announce the programme of its seminar on business
models. This three-day event is co-hosted by the 'Netherlands Institute for
Archival Education and Research' (the Archiefschool; Amsterdam, The
Netherlands). It convenes international experts with long-standing

This ERPANET seminar will explore the organisation, funding and structuring of
digital preservation in and among organisations. Adequate business models are
key in establishing a solid infrastructure and a sustainable preservation
programme. International experts will provide seminar participants with case
studies and cutting-edge knowledge.

The seminar starts on Monday, September 20, at 10:30 (registration open from
10:00), and it closes on Wednesday, September 22, at 12:30.

The seminar addresses organisational, financial, cultural and collaborative
aspects relating to the long-term management of digital resources,
with topics including:
* sustainability issues
* organisational structures
* partnerships
* funding
* return on investment
* costing in digital preservation

Speakers include:
* Rob Davies (MDR Partners, UK) - The EU Directive on Public Sector
* Douglas Greenberg (Shoah Foundation, USA) - The case of the Virtual History
* Claude Huc (CNES, France) - An Organisational Model for Digital Archive
* Maggie Jones (DPC, UK) - Determining the Costs, Issues to Consider;
* Anne Kenney (Cornell, USA) - The Requisite Resources for Digital
Preservation Management; and
* Julie Walker (MIT, USA) - DSpace, digital preservation and business models.
The Sessions are designed to be interactive with Practical Sessions and
discussions. For a detailed programme refer to the ERPANET website.

The venue is at the Vrije Universiteit (www.vu.nl) in Amsterdam, the
Netherlands. For travelling and hotel information please refer to the ERPANET
website  www.erpanet.org

Social Programme
A seminar dinner is organised for Monday. It will take place in the restaurant
"In De Waag" (www.indewaag.nl) starting at 7pm. After the last session on
Tuesday, you can join the group for a city tour and a subsequent reception at
the 'Netherlands Institute for Archival Education and Research'

To Register
The registration fee is 150 Euro, to be paid in time before the conference or
at the conference.
Online registration is possible at  www.erpanet.org
For additional information, please contact  dutch.editor@xxxxxxxxxxx

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