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catalog enrichment

On Mon, 3 May 2004 21:21:36 -0700
 Roy Tennant <roy.tennant@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Klaus,
> Below are minutes from our meeting. Feel free to post if
> you like. Thanks,
> Roy

Catalog Enrichment Technical Team Meeting
Digital Library Federation Spring Forum

Monday, April 19, New Orleans

Attendees: Deb Bendig (OCLC), Jean Godby (OCLC), Sally
McCallum (LC), Merrilee Proffit (RLG), Roy Tennant (CDL)


1. Setting Goals
Goal: To create an infrastructure for capturing and sharing
information for enriching library bibliographic book
records (for example, tables of contents, cover images, and

2. Strategy for Meeting Goals
  a. Identify the set of elements (see item #3 below)
  b. Experiment with various encoding strategies to
encompass those elements. Experiments to include, as much
as possible, information on the kind of resources and/or
tools required or likely to be useful and the
relationships, if any, to existing tools or standards
  c. Make the records available in a publicly accessible
repository (e.g., OAI-PMH).
  d. Evaluate the results. To measure success, the record
should be cheap and
easy to create, easily ingested into cataloging systems,
system-specific, require very little but allow for much
more ("low threshold, high ceiling") and able to deal with
ONIX records.
  e. Have a proof of concept ready for discussion and
presentation at the ALA
Annual Meeting in June 2004.
  f. Solicit input from the digital library community. The
first step was the
"birds of a feather" meeting on the DLF schedule, which met
on Tuesday afternoon. It was
well-attended, indicating substantial community interest.
Concerns were
raised about intellectual property rights. Representatives
from many
libraries indicated that they would use such a collection;
far fewer said
they would contribute to it. Other methods for
communicating will be launched by ALA Annual, most likely
to include a project web site and an electronic discussion.

3. Review and Discuss List of Elements to Capture
   - We reviewed Deb's list of elements, and made additions
and changes. Deb will distribute the result to the group.

4. Review and Discuss Metadata Record Proposals
   - Roy will do a METS/ONIX experiment
   - Sally will do a MODS, etc. experiment
   - Straight ONIX - Sally and Deb will get some example
ONIX records 

5. Distributing/Locating Records
   - OAI-PMH for distribution?
   - We seek to specify an infrastructure upon which
services can be deployed (e.g., a service to detect
enriched records of interest), but we will not attempt to
identify all possible services at this time

6. Preparation for Tuesday afternoon BOF
  - Roy, et.al. will introduce the problem we're attempting
to solve, and our strategy for working on solving it,
hoping to elicit feedback and questions from the attendees.

7. Review of Next Steps, including assignment of

Action Items:
 - Roy will merge his notes with Jean's and send them out
to the group
 - Roy will establish a list with everyone on it
 - Sally with investigate a project web site at LC
 - Deb will send around the list of required and optional
 - Roy will do a METS/ONIX experiment
 - Sally will do a MODS+ experiment, in different
 - Sally and Deb will gather some sample ONIX records
 - Merrilee will share what RLG does with ONIX and report
on user perspectives on what they want to see
 - Roy will investigate what it might take to expose these
records through CDL's OAI service
 - Jean will investigate using OCLC Office of Research
resources to expose these records

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.