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[Fwd: ETD 2004 Call for Proposals]

Liebe Kollegen,

Bitte entschuldigen Sie eine mehrmache Emailzustellung. Mit der weitergeleiteten Mail möchte ich Sie auf das Call for Proposals für die siebente internationale ETD-Konferenz (ETD2004) in Lexington, Kentucky, hinweisen.

Herzliche Grüße,
Uwe Müller

im Namen von Dr. Peter Schirmbacher,
Mitglied des NDLTD-Board

Dear Colleagues,

Apologies for cross posting. Please see the message concerning the Call
for Proposals for the Seventh International Symposium on Electronic
Theses and Dissertations (ETD2004) in Lexington, Kentucky.

Best Regards,
Uwe Müller,

on behalf of Dr. Peter Schirmbacher,
Member of NDLTD Board

------------------- ETD2004 Message follows -------------------------

Please distribute it to your colleagues and among the groups you think may be

See you all in person in Nov!

**** Please excuse cross-posting ­ Please forward to interested parties ****

ETD 2004
Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations:
Distributing knowledge worldwide through better scholarly communication
June 3-5, 2004
University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
Call for Proposals for Papers, Tutorials, and Posters
Deadline for proposals: Jan 15, 2004
(IF disposition of proposal is needed before January 2004, proposal should
be submitted by December 1, 2003)

The Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) invites you to participate in the "Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations" hosted by the University of Kentucky.

ETD 2004 provides a forum to share the latest developments in authoring,
archiving, sharing, preserving, indexing, and accessing electronic theses
and dissertations and the digital libraries that support them.
Special emphases of ETD 2004 are:
· Supporting creators of scholarly electronic documents in many
· Building ETD initiatives that create value for the university, the
and the faculty member, and
· Encouraging collaborative efforts among institutions.

At ETD 2004 stakeholders in the graduate education process can attend a
"track" of sessions that addresses the issues that are relevant to their
interests. Stakeholders include graduate program administrators, academic
librarians, faculty, computer systems specialists, students, and publishers.
We encourage everyone in the ETD community to use this opportunity to
network and to share their experiences. Attendees may participate by
presenting a paper or poster or by conducting a tutorial.

1. PAPER PROPOSAL: We invite you to submit proposals. Each proposal must
include a title, the names of authors/presenters along with their
affiliations and contact details, and a 200-500 word abstract. Team
proposals are especially welcome. Some suggested topics are listed below
however suggestions and ideas for presentations on other topics are welcome!
· Administrators and ETDs: the challenges and the rewards for the
and the university community
· Shaping the future of scholarship: The university's role in
electronic communication
· Partners in the process: Building collaborations between
· Training and supporting scholarly electronic document authors
· Digital library issues and challenges for university libraries
· The Global ETD Digital Library
· Unique issues about ETDs for different disciplines
· Long-term preservation of ETDs
· Intellectual property rights, digital rights management, and fair
· Standards and best practices for ETD initiatives
· The publishers' perspective
· Student experiences
· ETD and open access
· ETD as a test bed and catalyst for scholarly electronic publishing
· Multimedia issues for the presentation of scholarly material

2. POSTER PROPOSAL: A special feature at the conference is a POSTER SESSION featuring reports from ETD programs around the world. Share a report about your university's ETD program with the rest of the ETD community. This session will be held in conjunction with a reception, and will be highly interactive. Traditional posters are welcome, and electronic posters are encouraged. An electronic poster could be a website or onsite computer-based presentation that shares statistics, and features other project highlights. Proposals for both electronic and traditional posters must include a title, complete list of authors along with their affiliations and contact details, and a 200-500 word abstract.

3. TUTORIAL PROPOSAL: ETD 2004 has a special emphasis on providing attendees
with the tools and skills that will facilitate a successful ETD program, and
advance those programs that are already flourishing. To accomplish this we
are looking for tutorials that will help the ETD community. Tutorials will
be scheduled during the main conference and should be designed to be
conducted in two hour blocks. Proposals for tutorials must include a title,
names of presenters along with their affiliations and contact details, a
brief 200-500 word motivation and an outline of the tutorial. TUTORIAL

The NDLTD is a non-profit organization that supports ETD initiatives at universities around the world. These initiatives address ETD authoring, indexing, archiving, dissemination, and retrieval. Further information about the NDLTD can be found at http://www.ndltd.org

Please submit your proposals for papers, tutorials, and/or posters at
http://www.uky.edu/ETD/ETD2004 by January 15, 2004. We understand that some
presenters need to know the disposition of their proposal prior to the end
of 2003. Therefore, a first-round of reviews will be held for all proposals
received by December 1, 2003 and authors will be notified about the status
of their proposals by December 20, 2003.
The University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky is in the center of the
internationally famous Bluegrass Region. Lexington, founded in 1775, was
once called the "Athens of the West" and it continues to retain its unique
mix of frontier spirit and innovative vision. The area boasts numerous
historical, cultural, and natural attractions that will appeal to many
interests. In June, the average temperature is a very comfortable 72
degrees (F). Lexington has approximately 100 direct and non-stop flights
from airports around the world, and is within a day's drive to 75% of the US

For more information, please visit the ETD 2004 website at:


or contact:

Suzie Allard, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences
University of Tennessee
sallard _at__ utk.edu

Beth Kraemer, MLS
Electronic Resources, William T Young Library
University of Kentucky
kraemer _at__ email.uky.edu

Suzie Allard, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Tennessee  (865) 974-1369
School of Information Science
448 Communication Building
1345 Circle Park, Knoxville  TN  37996
email: sallard _at__ utk.edu

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