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Special Issue on Metadata, published by Journal of Digital Information

Journal of Digital Information announces
A SPECIAL ISSUE on Metadata: Selected papers from the Dublin Core 2001 
(Volume 2, issue 2, January 2002)
Special issue Editor: Traugott Koch, Lund University, Sweden

The papers are freely available online.

 From the special issue editorial
"This issue evolved in cooperation with the organizers and the program 
committee of DC-2001, the International Conference on Dublin Core and 
Metadata Applications held in Tokyo, Japan. Common interests were 
identified and activities coordinated in an early phase, leading to a large 
degree of shared peer review for the conference presentations and the JoDI 
issue. Additional review and revision cycles resulted in the selection of 
eight among more than 50 total submissions to the conference track. 
Compared with the versions of the papers published in the conference 
proceedings, the authors of the selected papers had additional opportunity 
to revise and adapt papers to the specifications of JoDI reviewers and to 
the interests of the JoDI audience.

"Conferences and journals have related, but separate and complementary 
goals. One of the objectives of the DC-2001 conference was to attract 
reports on pilot projects and the early experiences of practitioners, and 
bring these practitioners together. The conference papers included many 
good papers presenting efforts to construct domain-specific metadata 
profiles or exploring various practical dimensions of metadata 
applications. The contributions in this special issue focus instead on 
metadata models, querying of metadata, an architecture for a specific 
application area, and a first empirical study of experiences with metadata 

The issue includes the following papers:

C. Anutariya, V. Wuwongse, K. Akama and E. Nantajeewarawat, RDF Declarative 
Description (RDD): A Language for Metadata

A. Apps and R. MacIntyre, zetoc: a Dublin Core Based Current Awareness Service

T. Baker, M. Dekkers, R. Heery, M. Patel and G. Salokhe, What Terms Does 
Your Metadata Use? Application Profiles as Machine-Understandable Narratives

C. Dyreson, M. Bohlen and C. Jensen, MetaXPath

J. Greenberg, M. Pattuelli, B. Parsia and W. Robertson, Author-generated 
Dublin Core Metadata for Web Resources: A Baseline Study in an Organization

J. Kunze, A Metadata Kernel for Electronic Permanence

C. Lagoze and J. Hunter, The ABC Ontology and Model

D. Wen, T. Sakaguchi, S. Sugimoto and K. Tabata, Multilingual Access to 
Dublin Core Metadata of ULIS Library

The Journal of Digital Information is an electronic journal published only 
via the Web. JoDI is currently free to users thanks to support from the 
British Computer Society and Oxford University Press

| TRAUGOTT KOCH, Senior librarian, Digital Library Scientist  
|  NETLAB, Lund Univ. Libraries Development Dept. and IT Dept.
|  at the Technical Knowledge Center of Denmark.
| NetLab: P.O. Box 3.  S-221 00  Lund, Sweden                       
| Tel: int+46 46 2229233    Fax: int+46 46 2223682            
| E-mail: traugott.koch _at__ ub2.lu.se                             
| Personal homepage: http://www.lub.lu.se/koch.html           

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