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digital library course for science and technology librarians

This message will be cross-posted. My appologies 
for any duplication.


Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to a course 
on the digital library which will be held at 
CERN, Geneva, in March 2002. The course 
specifically aims at librarians in science and 
technology. People can register until 14 January 
2002. Below you will find a press release with 
further information and relevant URLs.

Kind regards,

Jola Prinsen


Press release

International Spring School on the Digital 
Library and E-publishing for Science and 

>From 3 - 8 March 2002, a 4.5-day course on 
digital libraries and e-publishing will be held 
on the premises of CERN in Switzerland. The 
course has been especially developed for 
librarians in the fields of science and 
technology. The course is being organised by 
Ticer B.V. and Tilburg University, renowned for 
their International Summer School on the Digital 
Library, in co-operation with the CERN 
Scientific Information Service and the Los 
Alamos National Laboratory Research Library. The 
course director is Rick Luce, Research Library 
Director at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Target group
The course is aimed at providing knowledge 
support to academic libraries, research 
libraries, and publishers in the current 
transitional phase and to identify new roles and 
opportunities for them. The programme is 
designed for library managers, librarians, 
reference librarians, subject specialists, 
publishers and other information professionals 
in the fields of science and technology. 
Advanced libraries will mainly be addressed, 
without excluding the less technically advanced 

Learning objectives
Participants should complete the course with a 
knowledge of: 
- the current changes in the information chain, 
possible roles and opportunities for science and 
technology libraries; 
- the strategies of other (commercial and 
scholarly) players on the market; 
- the organisational and technical aspects of 
electronic self-publishing; 
- different approaches to licensing and the 
forming of consortia; 
- the experiences with integrating digital 
content in leading institutions.
Group discussions and workshops will enable 
participants to apply the new information to 
their own situation.

The following subjects will be dealt with: 
changes in the information chain; new roles of 
publishers on the Internet; the library as the 
information gateway, the library as a publisher; 
licensing options; library consortia; electronic 
pre-prints, document servers and the Open 
Archives Initiative; reference linking; and 
library case studies.

Many international experts will present 
lectures, case studies, and demonstrations, 
- Jonathan Clark (Elsevier Science, The 
- David Dallman (CERN, Switzerland)
- Mark Doyle (American Physical Society, USA)
- Frederick Friend (University College London, 
United Kingdom)
- Hans Geleijnse (European University Institute, 
- Emanuella Giavarra (Chambers of Mark Watson-
Gandy, United Kingdom) 
- Gertraud Griepke (Springer-Verlag, Germany)
- Rick Johnson (The Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition, USA) 
- David Kohl (University of Cincinnati, USA) 
- Rick Luce (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA) 
- Teun Nijssen (Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
- Thomas W. Place (Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
- Herbert Van de Sompel (The British Library, United Kingdom)
- Jens Vigen (CERN, Switzerland)
- Engelbert Zass (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland)

More information
A detailed programme, the biographies of the lecturers, and administrative 
details are available at the course web site: http://www.ticer.nl/spring02/. A 
course brochure can be requested at the address below, or by filling out the 
form at http://www.ticer.nl/spring02/form.htm. 

Ticer B.V.
Mrs. Jola Prinsen
P.O. Box 4191
5004 JD Tilburg
The Netherlands
Phone: +31-13-4668310
Fax: +31-13-4668383
E-mail: ticer _at__ kub.nl


Jola Prinsen
Deputy manager
Ticer B.V., P.O. Box 4191, 5004 JD Tilburg, The Netherlands
tel. +31-13-466 8310, fax +31-13-466 8383
http://www.ticer.nl, e-mail jola.prinsen _at__ kub.nl
In the office on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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