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BOBCATSSS 2002 - Call for Papers

Nachricht geht an INETBIB und AKI-Newsletter.
Weitere Weiterleitungen gerne.
Rückmeldung dann bitte an BOBCATSSS,
für die ich diese Weiterleitung gerne gemacht habe.

Herzliche Gruesse
Karl Dietz

10 Years of BOBCATSSS
International Symposium

Slovenia ? Portoro?, January 28 ? 30, 2002
Hum _at__ n Beings and Information Specialists
Future Skills - Qualifications ? Positioning

BOBCATSSS 2002 is arranged by students
Filozofska fakulteta
Univerze v Ljubljani

The 10 th anniversary of BOBCATSSS is the right occasion to launch
a new

This award shall motivate students to present a paper or to offer a
workshop at the BOBCATSSS 2002 Symposium. The students?
presentations should help to point out the philosophy of
BOBCATSSS: They should stimulate discussions, communication,
interaction, and international exchange of ideas and visions with
regard to the topics.

BOBCATSSS Organization BOBCATSSS stands for a series of
annual European symposiums in the field of library and information
education and research. The name is an acronym for city names of
related universities from the efounding period: Budapest, Oslo,
Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tampere, Stuttgart,
Szombately, Sheffield. Since then further members have joined the
network. Every year two of these universities of different European
countries cooperate in organising the BOBCATSSS Symposium. It?s
exceptional that teams of students plan and carry out both the
contents and the management of these symposiums as a part of their

BOBCATSSS 2002 is arranged by students from FH Stuttgart
Hochschule für Bibliotheks- und Informationswesen and University of

About Portoro? / Slovenia Slovenia has approximately 2 million
inhabitants. It is embedded into the mountain corner between Austria,
Hungary, Italy, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea.
(http://www.matkurja.com/eng/country-info/) The ?Port of Rose? is an
essentially important town of high rise hotels, restaurants, bars, travel
agencies, shops and discos ? it can be a very exciting place to
spend your time. Portoro? also offers a lot of possibilities to go
sightseeing. Besides the Maritime Museum Collection at the Villa
San Marco the outdoor sculpture garden Forma Viva atop the Seca
with over 100 works of art carved in stone may be an object of
interest. As you can see Portoro? not only presents a beautiful
landscape but also many possibilities to organise your free time!

The BOBCATSSS 2002 Symposium
takes place at the Portoro? Auditorium.
(http://www.avditorij-portoroz.si/) It is a Cultural, Congress and
Promotion Centre which offers modern multi-media equipment.

How to submit a paper If you wish to attend at the 10 th
BOBCATSSS Symposium with a presentation, please send the title
and abstract (200 words English, MS-Word file) together with the
preregistration to:

Abstract _at__ BOBCATSSS.org

You may also use the postal address:
FH Stuttgart Hochschule für Bibliotheks- und
Informationswesen - BOBCATSSS Büro -
Wolframstrasse 32 D ? 70191 Stuttgart Germany

For easier understanding and classification of the abstract we ask
you to inform us about research and methods used to prepare the
paper. Accepted papers will be published in the symposium
proceedings before the symposium. They have to be written in
English and must not exceed the maximum of 10 pages. Papers for
the proceedings that have not been submitted before the deadline of
December 15 th cannot be published.

DEADLINES Abstract to be submitted before September 15, 2001
Notification of acceptance October 15, 2001 Paper for proceedings
December 15, 2001

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Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Karl Dietz, Dipl.-Dok. (FH)

Hochschule für Bibliotheks- und Informationswesen (HBI)
Wolframstr. 32
70191 Stuttgart
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