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[INETBIB] neu: PRT-LIBN - Philosophie Religion Theologie

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, vielleicht haben wir ja unter uns 
einige Interessierte an der neuen Postliste PRT-LIBN 
fuer Bibliotheken ueber
	Philosophie Religion Theologie
Spaeter ein schoenes Wochenende und viele Gruesse vom hbk ;-)

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	Philosophy Religion & Theology Librarians Discussion List

PRT-LIBN is an email forum that addresses all issues relating to:
	-Philosophy librarians & librarianship
	-Religion librarians & librarianship
	-Theology librarians & librarianship

PRT-LIBN's focuses on the collection, storage, and dissemination of
information within a library setting, regardless of format or type of

Topics of discussion may include: collection development, handling and
weeding of materials, CD-ROM and online databases, user services,
bibliographic instruction, public relations, reference materials,
selecting a vendor, vendor relations and managing a library.

PRT-LIBN will also accept:  job postings, announcements of conferences,
and calls to authors, if they are pertinent to humanities librarianship.

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