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grey literature management

Sorry to write in english, aber mein Deutsch is nicht sehr gut (sie
koennen aber auf Deutsch antworten)
The Scientific Information System at CERN, the European Organization for
Nuclear Research, developed a large digital library with more than 430,000
bibliographic records and 170,000 fulltext documents about CERN and 
high-energy physics. A lot of documents in our field are "grey literature"
(preprints, scientific notes...)
We are working on grey literature automated management and indexing, and  
we may be interested in collaborating with some Bavarian libraries,
institutions and research centers dealing with grey literature. This is
not yet an official call, but do you know any Bavarian library that may be
interested in grey literature automated management ?
Danke vielmals,
Jean-Philippe Schmitt

Jean-Philippe Schmitt
CERN Scientific Information Service (Div. ETT-SI)
1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
jean-philippe.schmitt _at__ cern.ch
phone: +41 22 76 735 08,  fax: +41 22 78 286 11

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