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Int.Conference about telematic aspects/ Danube Univ.Krems

Hello listmembers,
May I put your attention to a conference covering different aspects of
telematics (sorry for possible crosspostings!):

Neties '99 - Invitation
  4'th International Conference on Networking Entities - The
organisational impact of telematics 18-19 March, 1999 - Krems,
Austria - organised by Danube University of Krems and European
Association for Telematic Application (EATA).

Scope of the conference
  The neties '99 conference is planned as a two-day event on
various theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of the
organization and application of telecommunication (telematics).

Subject & Round Tables
  The conference will cover the following topics:
                  telematics and law
                  telematics and culture

Programme in brief
             Wednesday, 17 march 1999
             Danube University of Krems
              14.00  Registration of participants
              19.00  Gala dinner

             Thursday 18 March 1999
             Dominikaner Church, Krems
              08.00  Registration of participants
              09.30  Opening Session
                     President of EATA
                     President of Danube-University of Krems
                     Head of the Gouvernment of Lower Austria
                     Representative of the Austrian Ministry of
                     Science and Transport Major of the City of Krems
                     Coffee break
              11.00 Panel-Session on
                     Telematics and law
                     Viktor MAYER-SCHÖNBERGER
                     Havard University, USA
              12.00 Lunch
              13.30 Panel Session on
                     Telematics and culture
                     Peter WEIBEL
                     University of Vienna, Austria
                     Culture and Media Center Karlsruhe, Germany
              14.30  Coffee break
              15.15  Parallel Sessions
                     Danube University of Krems
              19.00 Heurigen-Evening

             Friday 19 March 1999
             Danube University of Krems
              09.30  Parallel Sessions
              10.30  Coffee break
              11.00  Parallel Sessions
              12.00  Lunch
              13.30  Panel Session on
                     Alfred POSAMENTIER
                     City University New York, USA
              14.30  Coffee break
              15.00  Panel Discussion
              16.00  Closing Session

Chairman: Johann GÜNTHER
  Danube University
  Dr. Karl Dorrekstraße 30, A 3500 Krems
Tel.: 0043 2732 893 2300; Fax 0043 2732 893 4300
E-mail guenther _at__ donau-uni.ac.at

Organization Secretary
  Danube University Krems, Department of Telecommunication,
  Information and Media Ms Ingrid BAUER, Ms Birgit BRUNNER -
  Dr. Karl Dorrekstraße 30, A 3500 Krems, Austria
Tel.: 0043 2732 893 2301, 2302; Fax 0043 2732 893 4300
Email tim _at__ donau-uni.ac.at

Registration fee:
             ATS 2.800,-- (EUR 200,--)
             Students: ATS 800,-- (EUR 60,--)

             Credit Transfer to:
             Dinstlstrasse 3, A-3500 Krems, Austria
             Number of the Bank: 11970
             Bank account: 0397-52001/00

Krems on the Danube, a city of 23.000 inhabitants with a picturesque
city center pf considerable historical significance.

For complete information about the conference have a look at

Kind regards
Dr. Georg Winter			Tel. +43 (0) 2732 893 2235
EDZ/Donau-Univ.Krems No 94357447        Fax  +43 (0) 2732 893 4230
Dr.-Karl-Dorrekstr. 30			E-Mail: Winter _at__ donau-uni.ac.at
A-3500 Krems                            Save trees - eat a beaver!

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